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F430 cool down period

I recently purchased a 2006 F430 Spider. On page 84 of the manual there is sidebar under the caption While Driving that states: "After driving in SPORT or RACE mode, let engine idle for several minutes before stopping it in order to stabilize temperatures." When I asked the sales consultant about this he really didn't know what this warning was about. The last few miles to my home are in a 25 MPH zone and I come thru at very low rpm's anyway. Alternatively, is switching to "Low Grip" mode for a few minutes sufficient? Can someone enlighten me on how important this is?
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Welcome to FerrariLife

No, changing to low grip mode is not going to cool down the engine What they mean in the manual is that if you had a spirited drive, don't stop the engine immediately but let it idle for 5 minutes. This will give the time for oil and coolant to get at a balanced temperature. If you stopped immediately the engine, lot's of heat will not be evacuated and may increase considerably the engine, oil or coolant temperatures. When the engine is stopped, even if you hear the fans running with the ignition on, coolant will not circulate anymore through the engine. This important best practice is valid for any car. Just let it idling for a couple of minutes so that the engine temperature can stabilize. If the last few miles are on flat road at very moderated speed, it should give enough time to your engine to restore normal engine temperatures though. Another good thing you can do is to leave the engine bay open for a while so that the heat can escape much easier. Enjoy your new toy
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PS: don't hesitate to post your questions in the F430 section of FerrariLife, and follow our exchanges on various F430 topics there
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RR- Welcome to Ferrari Life. That warning has been in Ferrari owners manuals for decades. Like Stef said, it really means if you have really beaten the snot out of the car, let it idle for a while so the several types of metals and fluids can reach some sort of equilibrium. It really does not make any difference what mode of the Manettino has been used, it just matters how hard you have driven the car. In your case, it does not sound like it is a problem at all. Some warnings in the owners manuals are carry-overs from years past and the translations with non-relevant adaptations should not be taken too literally. For the F430, you can beat the car up badly in any mode and drive it easily in any mode. If you are pushing oil temperatures up towards 300 F, then start worrying about letting her idle for a bit.

Do not use Low Grip mode at all unless you really need it. That mode is really rough on the clutch and should only be used in ice or snow conditions. If it rains hard enough to where traction is a problem, pull over and wait. Water that deep will get water into all kinds of places you do not want it.

Most sales consultants do not know squat about these cars technically. If you have a question like that, find the most qualified technician in the shop and ask him. Service writers are often no better.

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