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NicNitro 03-20-2012 06:58 PM

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Hi All,

I am excited to finally be a Ferrari owner, I bought a 2003 575M F1.

After 5 years of being told no by my EX wife, I divorced her and bought my car :thumbsup:
Seriously I collect cars and for some odd reason she didn't want me to buy this car.
Life is to short, bills are paid, money in the bank, college funds for the kids are set aside... so it was time to find my car.

zffbv55a330134144 VIN

Beautiful Black "Nero", luxurious and pampered 2003 FERRARI 575M with the F1 transmission. This Ferrari has the black interior, with the black Ferrari factory Daytona seats, with black inserts and black stitching. Interior black leather Ferrari factory luggage rack, Ferrari factory modular Daytona wheels, Pilot tires are 60%, Yellow Ferrari factory calipers, Yellow Ferrari factory Scuderia fender shields. Tubi exhaust, 6 CD player, powers seats, passport with alarm, clear fender and skirt shields, Ferrari Shield trunk mat. 15k service completed, with all books, records and tools. Elegant and fast and drives even better than it looks! Always garaged with just over 12,500 miles.

champagne612 03-20-2012 07:14 PM

Welcome to FLife

Beautiful 575 :thumbsup:

You came to the right place - any interior pictures?

Car looks very familiar - was it bought in Missouri?

tazandjan 03-20-2012 08:04 PM

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Nic- Welcome to Ferrari Life. Beautiful 575M with all the nice options. Your car is not in my database, but if you pass me the Assembly Number (in front of the engine), I will add her. Here is the latest list plus a listing of updates done to the 575M during production.

If you have not found it, there is a 575M technical thread that is a sticky.

Night Life 03-21-2012 12:00 AM

Welcome to FL

Good for you to listen to your inner demon :thumbsup:

markjayw 03-21-2012 09:00 AM

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I considered that car, good pic, let us know when you get it. Great deal on that car.

cribbj 03-21-2012 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by NicNitro (Post 185023)
After 5 years of being told by my EX wife, I divorced her and bought my car :thumbsup:

Must say I admire you; I did the opposite in '75. Sold a mint E type because the soon-to-be wife #1 gave me the "it's me or the Jag" ultimatum. Being young, dumb, etc. I chose her - big mistake.

Divorcing her cost me a bundle a few years later, while the E type would have been worth 20x what I had in it.

Wife #2 has made only one snide remark in 24 years about the cost of the car hobby, and after I told her that cars are cheaper than mistresses, she's never made another bad remark about them!

BTW, welcome to the Life :thumbsup:

Fiorano 03-21-2012 02:52 PM

Welcome to FL nicnitro.

Beautiful 575. Enjoy.

Andrew 03-21-2012 02:54 PM

Nic, Welcome to Ferrari Life.

ALEX A 03-21-2012 05:00 PM

Welcome to Ferrari life . Congrats on the car. If you need any help , please feel free to call or email me.

NicNitro 03-21-2012 06:12 PM

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Thank you for all the "welcome" comments.

The car came from Branson, MO

355dreamer 03-21-2012 06:17 PM

Lethal looking 575. I love it. Welcome.

tazandjan 03-21-2012 08:26 PM

Nic- Very pretty car. Enjoy her.

NicNitro 03-25-2012 06:25 PM

Loaded & trucking my way !
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It was loaded up Friday and now it has to come 1600 miles to get to me.

NicNitro 03-25-2012 06:35 PM

Assembly number 51394

tazandjan 03-25-2012 07:54 PM

Nic- Congratulations. Beautiful car. I will update the database tomorrow.

Wife and I just took ours out for a spin this afternoon. Ran like a train, and yours will, too.

NicNitro 03-26-2012 03:00 AM

Thank you

NicNitro 03-30-2012 02:44 PM

Purchased at $83.5K - I think it was a good buy ?

tazandjan 03-30-2012 08:18 PM

Nic- That is a very good price. Forgot where I had seen the other 575M that needed to go into the database so will update again.

LARRYH 04-01-2012 11:49 AM

Nice car . I recentry bought my 550 and I am sure you will love it best of luck

wetpet 04-01-2012 11:58 AM

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did you get it from the auctions in branson or an individual?

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