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I've been NCT'ed!

Today I took my 575M in for its NCT and to my complete surprise it failed! But that was only a minor shock compared the reason for the fail - the tester could not find the VIN stamped on the body! He asked if I knew where it was and I said yes. I then showed the ''technician" the VIN plaque in the engine bay, but this however was not acceptable as he needed to see the VIN stamped on the body.

At this stage I did suggest that it should be part of the technicians core competency to know the whereabouts or have access to this information on the spot, if it was to make up part of the examination of the vehicle. He suggested that he did know where to look on normal cars! As you can imagine that didn't go down too well.

I also advised him that this was the cars 7th NCT, with all previously passed with no faults, and suggested that maybe he was the only one in 7 tests doing his job properly. He didn't get the hint.

In the end I was told the car must be represented within 30 days or no cert.

Now, as there are no faults for me to rectify, I am wondering what this will achieve? Is a new technician going to know where to look for the VIN stamp if it exists thus confirming the previous technician as incompetent, or just issue the cert as the VIN plate does actually satisfy this examination item?

Has anyone ever come across this before?

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Owner's manual shows the VIN postings: NA rules state it must be in easy/full view so most are posted in the windshield area. My Ferraris have it on the steering column.

go to ferraridatabase.com and download or view the manul for yours to find where: All Ferraris

BTW, I wasn't sure about which model you had being in Ireland vs ?? but I assume yoiu have Euro version

According to the below it should be On steering column [Page 13]:
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I guess your NCT is like our MOT. Here is a link to the testers manual


The only reference to the Vin appears to be Page 5, Para 3 (although I didn't read all 90 odd pages!!) and it doesn't mention that the Vin needs to be viewed stamped on the body.

The Vehicle Identification Number on the vehicle must correspond with the information on the Vehicle Registration File/Book/Licence Certificate. Where difficulty is encountered in locating the Vehicle Identification Number it is the responsibility of the applicant to establish the location of this information on the vehicle.
In the UK MOT the Vin plate is usually sufficient to identify the vehicle, but if the plate is not present than another method of identifying the Vin on the car is required.


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I realise I never came back to this post, so a long story short, and after a couple of those seemingly pointless phone calls where you are repeatedly given the 'transfer responsibility to the customer' T&C's, I was asked to take the car to a different test centre (where it had been tested on all previous occasions).

When I arrived the cert was already printed! But the tech's (who remembered the car) wanted to have a look at the car to see if they could find the ID's so they could submit the info for inclusion in the database. Me thinks they needed to sight it to stand up the previous 7 certs and avoid a boot to butt moment

I showed them the 3 positions as per the manual as I did at the test a few days earlier and they admitted that they had only ever been able to find the front of enginebay and steering column plaques and not the chassis stamp, but had just passed the car anyway. So they looked for the third location and again could not find the stamp at which point I pulled out my secrete weapon - a very bright LED touch I got from the garage loyalty programme for buying a million euro worth fuel, and had a look myself. OK its a bit awkward as it is down on the rail and has 10 years of soot over it but there it was! They all lined up for a look and hey presto there's the sneaky bugger just where it had always been. Knowledge transferred.

So now there is 1 Ferrari model on the database!

Just to show there was no hard feelings I offered them my prize torch as it seemed to be of superior quality to those provided buy their employer. they declined.

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What a huge waste of time and energy.

Glad it ended well.
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Originally Posted by Boxer View Post
What a huge waste of time and energy.
Couldn't agree more.

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Yes it was a complete waste of time, but I wasn't letting it go as now my 575M is 10 years old it has to go for an NCT annually. I wasn't keen to have to go through this every 12 months.

All we can do is keep our sense on humour!

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