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Lusso Competitzione

So i was talking to a lusso owner today, and he mentioned that his was a Competitzione, now i coulnd't remember that Ferrari ever had build a competitzione version, so i asked more info and he said that it was done afterwards and that the car was homologated and it even had racing history
So now i was wondering, who did the conversion and how many where build?
BTW the one i saw was s/n 04965
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ok, just came accros something weird about this car, i know for certain that the car has a racing history, so i was looking for some stuff about the car and already came with an error:
in 1965 the car drove in the 500 km de Spa Francorchamps
and here it says it was with Blouin/Sauer and a 6th place
and here they say its with Robert Blouin/Lucien Bianchi and a 16th place
and here
its says also 16th place and now it says bouchon (???) and a DNS for bianchi
anybody has some more info?
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Hi Dirk

found some info here...

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Thanks Don
I didn't knew that Wouter got the s/n of the car, i saw this one too during the Spa Ferrari Days, it is a new addition to the Historic Challenge:

these cars still intrige me, and it's hard to find decent info on them, especially since most mods wheren't done by the factory
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Hi Dirk. I have quite a lot of info on s/n 4965, but it's quite confusing, especially regarding the period AFTER it raced. But it seems quite sure that this car was NOT a real factory-competizione, but modified by a third party. Or as some others say, not a works car, but a privateer's car. It's quite understandable, as the Lusso was never meant to race. This car is one of the very few Lusso's that have a race history.

The book "The Ferrari Legend - 250 GT Competition" by Antoine Prunet lists a few races with s/n 4965:
- 1964 Spa: DNF, Blouin, race# 33
- 1965 May 9th, Targa Florio: DNF, Blouin/Sauer, race# 116 (picture in book)
- 1965 May 16th, GP du RACB, Spa: 6th OA, Blouin
(other sources mentioned 16th OA and race# 36)

If you want more, just let me know ... Grtx, Edvar
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Yep that's correct Edvar
the owner told me that it was converted later, but i can't remember who it was, or that he told me for that matter
he did told me it was raced by Bianchi and somebody else
just what i found but as you can read in my second post i have some confusing racing results
Do you have some more on this?
you just mentioned a book that i still need in my collection :wink:

BTW here's the car as it is today
came across it during the Rally de Paris in the begining of the year

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