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Ferrari 328 or 360: which is a better investment?

Hey everyone, first post here. As I’m sure many of you - I’ve dreamt of having a Ferrari since childhood. Classic 308 thanks to Magnum when I was really young, to a later love affair with the 360. I’m at a place in my life where I’m making smarter long term investments (real estate) and also still aggressively growing my business. I want my first Ferrari but would would feel selfish if I didn’t atleast consider it an investment. The value of classic Ferrari’s are going through the I’m wondering what everyone’s opinion is on a 328 vs a Modena? I know they’re both solid first time purchases (for different reasons) but am wondering what everyone feels is the better investment?
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After following a few people on YouTube I can tell you it seems to be very expensive upkeep on the 360 Ferrari. If you are looking at the spyder I have heard that Ferrari doesnít even make the motors for the convertible.
By the way, I had a 1982 308gtsi and didnít break the bank.
My guess is you will spend from 65 to 75k for a 360 and spend 35k repairing it so, go ahead and buy a 2010 California for 100k and have an every day driver.
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Welcome to the forum. I think you will find the high percentage of owners and very experienced techs here to be of great value. Your question is a common one and has several factors as part of the answer:

While I mean no disrespect to Boat4u, his predictions based on Youtube videos are grossly inaccurate and out of line with my own experience (360 spider & 456M).

I highly recommend you do a search on this site and others on the topics of ownership and investment. There are many such discussions and you will find a spectrum of opinion. Suggest you also read articles by Michael Sheehan, SCM,, FML, and Forza. Finally, there are buyers guides that can also give you an idea of the typical expenses and total cost of ownership.

I think it's safe to say you should not consider any modern Ferrari as an investment. The cost of ownership will likely far exceed any return on investment in the short run. Regardless of model, Ferrari ownership is a pay-to-play sport. If it wasn't, everyone who wanted one would have one. While purchase price is certainly a big consideration, maintenance and upkeep is a non-trivial element. I've had my Spider for 8 years, and I average about $2000-2500 per year. There have been a couple $1000-1500 years. There was also an eye-watering $12k repair. I also have to be ready for the “next” unexpected $8-10K major repair. I'll rely on other forum members to chime in about the 3x8 series.

Best of luck in your quest to join the owners club !!
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Well a bit confused

I agree with Killer and probably believe this topic is a difficult one to answer especially since you touched on two different aspect, IMO.

a. You want a Ferrari now that you can: because you can spend this amount on a dream/[can I say toy] now.

b. You want to treat it like your situation now and consider it an investment: not a viable concern unless you are into some truly investment strategy and not the Ferrari's not a toy

These are two diabolic concerns in my opinion....but they 'can' be twisted together.

so, what I would like to do, is flesh out your true direction and go from there rather than try to divine what all you've stated.

As a quick answer.....2x8/3x8 two seaters generally command a higher value. 308, unless one specific model in mind is not desired over the 328 series. TS of course is much more desired for the Magnum look and the actual experience of open/closed abilities.

360's are not bad, but I've skipped these for the 430 series for many reasons...I feel in my experience it's just a better value in initial outlay and maintenance.


please offer me/us one specific set of reasons to want this car. Then we can opine better.

This is a wonderful [and 'interesting experience'] world....selected club like no other.


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Iím with you on the 430 choice.
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my vote goes ferrari 360. ive been tracking prices for a few years - 360 seems to be at a bottom in terms of prices, where as the 328 has been increasing in value.

buy low sell high. the roi and value of a 360 is crazy right now.
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From a service perspective, we see far fewer problems with the 360 than we do with the 430...

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