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ferrari dreams

Hey guys, i am a 20 year old college student in Texas, I am pre-med and to be honest, the only thing i want in my life is to own a Ferrari 458 italia. I've had this goal for about 3 years now and it motivates me every day to study harder and try harder. What can i do right now to help make this dream possible? Did all of you have this dream when you were young? And do i pretty much need to be a millionaire to ever own a Ferrari 458? Any replies or advice/motivation would be awesome. Thanks for your help guys.
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Welcome to Ferrari Life. No, you do not need to be rich to own a Ferrari. I bought my first one when I was 27 and a lieutenant in the USAF. It just has to be important to you. As a start, being an MD is a good way to go. A few years poor as a churchmouse and then fairly serious money coming in. Good news is 458s are coming down in price and are now below $200K for some of the early models. Buckle down and do well in school and medical school and a Ferrari could be just around the corner.

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No mysteries here; Desire, education (school or hard knocks) and hard work yield results. Managing debt and prudent investments along the way won't hurt either....

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In my opinion, its a matter of priorities. Obviously you're on track with your education and work ethic! At age 20 you likely have not experienced any of life's "bumps" just yet. Things like marriage & kids, divorce, work, & health issues have a lovely way of being limiting factors. But, here's my question to you. Why wait until you can afford your "dream 458" when you could start with stepping stones? There are a number of 348's & 355's out there that could accelerate your dive into the Ferrari passion without having to be a millionaire! For about the price of a new Chevy or Ford pickup ($40K - $60K), you could be embracing the prancing horse earlier, rather than later. And then give yourself some time to succeed in life as you plan ahead for fulfillment of your dream! Move across the stepping stones until you reach your goal!

Full disclosure: I'm an old codger who waited until age 60 to buy my Ferrari! I'm just glad that I didn't wait until it was too late!!
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You only live twice: Birth to Death and 0-60. I say go for it and accomplish your dreams, however don't miss out on friends, family, meals, and a roof over your head just to get a Ferrari. I am a pretty young guy (relatively speaking) and I just bought my first Ferrari. I enjoyed my 20's and 30's and raised good kids. They had everything they needed and we never felt like any of us were lacking. You may not have the responsibility of kids, etc. So, if its a part of one and you only have to account for yourself, then why not?

BTW, I have this pesky mole on my arm Doc, take a look at it and my blue Cross gets you a copay closer to your car!

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My advice is to keep dreaming but plan accordingly. College tuition comes b4 toy cars. That means you need to get accepted to med school first! Tuition is not cheap. A close friend got his MD and along with it 300K in school loans. That was about 7 years ago. I'm sure school costs more now. Investing is a great idea. Another MD friend took out 50K in school loans and invested it (mommy and daddy paid the tuition already). When he was out of his residency, he had enough to pay back the 50k plus buy a 911 turbo as gift to himself! so, keep studying and dream big i.e. Enzo or La Ferrari.
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Hey There,
Hopefully you will get to read this thread, but I am a cardiologist, but have had the car bug ever since I was 5. A ferrari is something special, and I agree with what others have said. Depending how much debt you come out of residency with, and your plot in life will determine how fast you can/will buy your dream. One word of caution is that once you own your dream you don't have far to go to set your sights on something else, unless you are quite well off. Most guys on these forums are crazy car nuts, who happen to be more or less successful at this game of life. I have 4 small children under 10, and I have a modest ferrari (360) and I could probably have a 458, but the smile factor is present in all ferraris. I personally would ask yourself why is it that you want a ferrari 458.....image, love for the prancing horse or some other quirk. It really doesn't matter what it is, but I think buying a car that you can afford at that moment in life, is the most sage advice that has been given to me and consequently to you. I am not sure where medicine is going, but it still pays well, but not at well as it once had. Not to change your mind, but if your heart is set on a 458 then you will own one, but I agree that i might consider getting a "lesser" ferrari, as you can appreciate it sooner in life, but I would think that by the ripe age of 30 you should have enough money to get something that will make you glad you can drive. I would not mortgage my future or anything to get one, as it is just a car, albeit a wonderful experience.
Sorry to ramble but I hope that this helps.
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Tek10 as mentioned by jwt73 don't just get caught up on the 458. I would say all Ferraris are beautiful and reflect the best of their era. Education first, establish career 2nd , Buy house 3rd and then get the car. You will be in your mid thirties which is very young.

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Do not buy any kind of Ferrari yet..but stay driven and motivated, keep your focus on school and buy a sporty daily driver car that you can take any where and can enjoy at any time. figure it out and the road of success becomes closer to you,
go ahead and buy your dream Ferrari car.



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I dreamed about Ferrari's when I was a kid. I always said I would buy one. I feel blessed. I worked hard. I bought my first Ferrari. California T 2015. I do love the looks of 458 or 488, but I want to drive the car and I want my wife to ride with me. She would not be comfortable in a 458 or 488. Millionaire? I have no idea, but I personally would never buy a $225K toy if I only had a million dollars. I would never put myself or my family in financial risk over a toy.
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