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Guidance Please!!! Just put deposit on F430 spider TDF...

Hi Folks,

My name is Steve "smilin", and I am a auto addict....opps, wrong forum

I have been reading the forum for a few months now, since the day I drove a friends 360 spider, and felt like I was back in az, on a time track with a souped up go cart styled like a mini formula car. I was smiling ear to ear. I have been convinced, after driving friends mondials, 308's, 328's, et, that these were just eye candy. Fun, but no real balls, and handling.

I was smiling so hard when I was done putting the 360 thu some fun curves, hills, et, I realized, I need this in my life.

I decided that day, to start looking at 360's, f430s and started going to dealers in the chicago area, I almost bought one from Lake forest sportscars about a month ago. It was an 07 f430 TDF 8k miles, sold new from dealer. It had a 1/2 inch rock paint defect ion the hood, and I could not get past that. I looked at private sellers, but, in reading this forum, and taking what you were say to heart, I decided I would bite the bullit and buy from a ferrari dealer.

The one I am working with is at Foreign cars Italia in Greensboro, NC.

2007 Ferrari F430 430 for Sale - 1255508 -

It is 2007, 4500 miles, with ferrari seats, which I prefer to the Daytona's for my fat ass

Now, a few questions if you can help. I have not posted before, cause I have not been able to add to the discussions, as this is my first ferrari, but, expect to put a small collection together in the next year, if I love them the way I think I will.

The dealer seems to be genuine, but, hey, he is a car salesman. He listed as current customer owned, and told me the car needs to be sold, as seller is taking delivery of 458 within a few weeks. Just forund out there was another owner, prior, and I was under impression they had sold the car from new, and had all records. He has some, but not all. Car has plastic protection, but, not 3m, he say's he will put new on body. Price is 160K, seems to have some nice options as well. I plan on driving this car, as much as possible, it will not be a garage beauty.

All help is very much appreciated.

Do any of you have experience with this dealer?

Can you recommend the right person for a PPI?

Does the car have the "right" options.

I will post the work done if you want to see it, that the dealer has done. He also tells me he will do a full service as well as detail, prior to shipping.

I also want a radar detector/jammer installed, and was quoted 2500, is this a fair price, seems high to me.

Just want to make sure I am getting right car, at fair price. I plan on having shipped to either Continental Auto sports, or Lake forest sportscars, to set relationship with local ferrari dealer.

Does this sound like the correct way to approach this purchase. I am jonesing for the beautiflu whine of the engine, as well as the huge smile on my face.

What else do I need to check out prior to purchase?

What do you think of this car?

Thanks in advance for your help, and I hope to meet my local ferrari drivers soon, just need to get to 1st base already.

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Steve - Welcome to Ferrari Life

Wen I was looking a 2008 with every option and CF everywhere was 170 - carrying a 280 - 290 list with similar mileage.

It's a beautiful spider and seems to be well cared for - hopefully someone knows a good place to have it checked out.

Radar sounds about right perhaps a 300 - 400 high.

Question - how tall are you because at 6'1 I had a issue with the line of sight.

Another issue - it doesn't have Ceramic brakes which became a standard in 2008 - 15,000 adder.

Here is an example
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Foreign Cars Italia is a well known and respected outfit. That being said, I would want to have an independent look over the car for that price. The car appears to be the top of the market from the description, don't know about the price in my very limited opinion. Not a bad thing, specially considering the condition and source.

You say you plan on driving the car a lot. this car seems to be a garage queen. No harm in turning a garage queen into a road whore, i did it. But it usually doesn't make the best sense since there are many higher mileage cars with a few blemishes available for a lot less money. Wish i had gone that route. In a couple of years you could end up with the same thing. Why not consider starting with that?

anyway, the only thing i would question in the records would be regular maint as this is essentially a new car. Besides beating them down as far as you can and possibly having it checked by a third party, carry on and post pics when you get it.

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Thanks for the reposnses guy's, checking out a few 08, and 09 as well. I just found some close to the money they want. I also feel that since, this will be a driven car, mileage may be less important.

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Originally Posted by 711smilin View Post
Thanks for the reposnses guy's, checking out a few 08, and 09 as well. I just found some close to the money they want. I also feel that since, this will be a driven car, mileage may be less important.

Good to hear - there were some significant changes to the 08" that IMO are worth the extra money.

If you do a search it was discussed in great length.
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I don't know how you improve on that one. Aside from Daytonas, it's got all the major options too.
If you assume they will negotiate the price, it seems about right to me.
Get a PPI, and if it checks clean, buy it!

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Welcome. Somehow I am reserving comment. Perhaps later.

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Lovely looking car and well speced. Personally I like the blue/cream combination but at least in the UK, they can be harder to sell on when the time comes.

Per the other comments on the ceramic brakes, they were standard as of 2008 and seem to be a sought after option worth a bit of a premium. If you are planning to track the car, CCMs are definitely worth having.
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Ferrari made numerous changes to component parts on the F430 from 2008 models onwards, please don't ask me to list them as it's been done elsewhere on this forum, I believe it was Taz or Stef who listed, perhaps someone else could chip in relational.

Also CCM brakes are sought after, they are worth the premium and provide you with a fade free experience whether on the road or track, just be sure to warm them up before using or you may get a bit of a shock when you prod the pedal, aesthetically CCM rotors fill the wheel better.

Good luck in your search and enjoy yours once it arrives 'home'!

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