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F430 Purchase in SoCal

This is a great site. Many thanks to everyone for all of the informative posts.

By way of introduction, I moved to Southern California about18 months ago. Itís always been a dreamof mine to own a Ferrari and to live in an area where you can drive aconvertible nearly year round. This sitehas been a great resource to learn more about the various models and thefactors that should be considered when purchasing one. After doing a little research, I think thatthe best model for me would be an F430 Spider.

I recently found an F430 at a local dealer that has nearlyeverything that I have been looking for (with the possible exception of CCBs). Itís a 2007 with about 3,000 miles. The dealer represented that the car had two priorowners, had been purchased at his dealership and had been serviced with himevery time except once. The dealer isasking $170K for the car.

The mileage seemed a little low to me (though Iíve seenmixed commentary on this topic). Iwondered if anyone had views on whether this was acceptable or indicative of acar that had not been driven enough over the past five years.

Iíve also read a lot of posts that emphasize the importanceof a PPI. I was curious as to what theappropriate protocol would be for obtaining one. Do I have dealer make a suggestion (seems todefeat the purpose)? Do I ask them totake the car over to a third party mechanic for inspection? Do I ask for the PPI before negotiating priceor after a deal has been made (subject to an acceptable PPI)? I would certainly appreciate any thoughts asto how to pursue the PPI and recommendations for mechanics that would perform onein the Orange County area.

I was also curious if anyone had any recommendations withregard to upgrading the sound system. Iwas a little disappointed that most F430s do not seem to have iPod / XMcompatibility. Any recommendations with regard to vendors would be helpful.

Finally, I wanted to see if the pricing seemed reasonable. From the research Iíve done, the asking priceseems to be in line with other offerings that Iíve seen out there, but justwanted to make sure that I wasnít getting picked off too badly.

Really looking forward to getting a Ferrari Ė hopefully intime for the summer, but definitely need to do my homework first. I would certainly appreciate anyoneísthoughts/comments with regard to the above.

Note Ė Iíve already tried to make this posting once, but itdid not seem to go through. My apologiesif it gets duplicated.
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Welcome Rockman, I can't speak about USA pricing, but I can confirm that 3k miles is ok, I've just purchased a F430 Spider with 4k miles and it's the 3rd 430 Spider I've owned. The bonus of buying one with such low miles is that you can pile them on over the next few years and you'll still be below average miles. As long as it's been serviced annually everything should be just fine.

Regards a PPI, here in the UK if we buy a Ferrari from an official dealer he warrants the car for 2 years and does all the checks, such as an Approved Ferrari Used Car Check, Mileage Verification, Ownership & an HPI Check which checks to ensure the car has no accident damage, outstanding finance, stolen etc...so we don't need a PPI if that's who we buy from....I don't know if things are the same stateside, perhaps one of the guys over there can fill you in on this...

Your dealer can fit an iPod connector to the Ferrari standard Becker stereo sound system.

Good luck and enjoy your new toy when she arrives!

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Rockman, welcome to Ferrari Life.

I would certainly get a PPI done, unless it was warrantied by Ferrari. Ideally off site at your PPI man's location. I'd have no problem agreeing the deal subject to a satisfactory PPI.

Best of luck with the search.

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3k miles is not a problem in itself. in fact, the dealer is probably charging a premium for it. I know a PPI seems silly with the history of this car, but $4-600 on a $170k purchase is about the best insurance you can buy. I generally would negotiate the price before the scheduled PPI. I would inform them of my intentions before negotiating though. The PPI would be the last step and any issues found could be used to re-negotiate or back out of the deal. You would generally pick an excellent independent in the area and offer the dealer to pick up the car with your company or let them deliver it. that will be their choice, but you will pay.

sorry, i can't help you with vendors for stereo or PPI in OC, but i'm sure someone else can. As far as the price goes, seems a little high to me, but that is expected for an excellent example from a dealer. Sort of the top of the market. Their are advantages to buying it from a dealer, but price is not one of them. Enjoy the car, it is amazing and you have a great area to drive it in.

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Welcome to Ferrari Life

I looked at two 430 well optioned spiders with 5,000 miles 08's - they both have sold one at 178 and the other 173. Lot's of cf and clean cars well spec'd.

Be sure to look at the windshield hood and other ares where rock chips may occur.

Hopefully the 430 has a clear bra which will protect those areas - if not suggest installing and covering as much as possible.

I recently purchased one - after looking at a few I felt it was important to get the upgraded stock hi fi which sounds fine and it comes with a ipod connector.

Look at brake wear and clutch wear - both should be around 98% unless it was tracked or a rock damaging the ceramic brakes. Pretty unlikely but something you want to check.

Good Luck on your search
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