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Rockman 04-07-2012 07:13 AM

F430 Purchase in SoCal
This is a fantastic site. Thanks to everyone for all the informative posts.

By way of introduction, I moved to SoCal a year and half ago. It's always been a dream of mine to own a Ferrai, and to live in an area where you can enjoy driving a convertible pretty much year round.

I have been looking to purchase an F430 Spider, and have been trying to educate myself on the car and some of the factors to consider. This site has been a great resource to help me get up to speed.

As someone who is not particularly knowedgeable about auotmobiles, I think my biggest consideration/concern right now is making sure that I don't purchase something that will have a lot of unexpected costs and headaches.

I found a 2007 F430 Spider at a local deal with about 3,000 miles on it and had a few questions. Asking price is around $170K.

1) I've seen a lot of suggestions about getting a PPI prior to purchase. What is the typical protocol for doing this? Do I ask the dealer to drive to the car to an independent mechanic? Do I transport it doing the test drive? Do I have them recommend someone (seems to defeat the purpose a bit)? Does anyone have a recommenation for a good independent mechanic in the the Orange County area?

2) The mileage on the car seemed low and have seen mixed commentary about low mileage cars. The dealer represented that the car was purchased at his dealership and that it had two owners. With one exception, it had been serviced at his dealership. Seems like he had a pretty good handle on the provenance. Is that level of a mileage for a 2007 a concern?

3) Any thoughts on the pricing? Have done some research online, including this site. Asking price didn't seem too far out of line with comparable models, but just wanted to make sure I wasn't getting picked off too badly.

4) The car in question generally has all the features I would like (except perhaps CCBs). One disappointment was that most of the F430s I've seen don't have a more modern sound systems (iPod / XM). Any thoughts / recommendations on installing a more up-to-date sound system?

Would certainly appreciate anyone's thoughts with regard to these questions.

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