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erg 02-07-2012 04:25 PM

Need help purchasing 458 Italia in Northeast Europe

Iīm cosidering buying lp570-4, MP4-12c or Ferrari 458 Italia. I live in Estonia and we don,t have Ferrari or Mclaren dealer in Estonia, but Lamborghini dealer is, thats why i have some questions. I havenīt own ferrari or any other sports car before! I want to buy new with my own deisgn.

Can anybody recommend where to buy ferrari in Northeast Europe. How long is the waiting list in Northeast Europe, How long are the service intervals (Iīm asking this because i have to bring car to aother country for service) or maybe itīs possible to call service to Estonia? How good is ferrari traction control on ice and snow (not that iīm going to drive it in winter, but we have snow and ice on roads about 4-5 months a year)?

Is there anything else i should be worried about?

tazandjan 02-07-2012 08:15 PM

Welcome to Ferrari Life. Cannot help you with where to buy a Ferrari in the Baltic States, but at least the 458 should work fine in occasional snow if you put the recommended winter tires on her. A spare set of wheels with those tires would probably be a good idea for where you live. The front spoiler is pretty low, so snow of any depth would turn her into a really inefficient snowplow.

Service on the 458 is pretty much just annually, unless you put a lot of mileage on the car each year. Provides an excuse to put the car on a ferry and take it to Stockholm, Malmo, or Hamburg/Bremen for a drive and service and that should not be a hardship.

JazzyO 02-08-2012 03:16 AM

Considering Estonia is part of the EU, presumably it should be relatively easy to import a car from the EU, as Estonian law would need to have the same requirements. So that means that at least a car from Germany or other EU country would fit the bill.

I don't know what would be easiest for you. Possibly Finland is easiest, it is certainly closest. Germany has a very large dealership network but Berlin is still quite some distance from you, although you can avoid ferries.

Personally, I am ordering my 458 from Holland although I live in Jersey. The car will be serviced in Holland, which means it will have to go onto the ferry and travel 600 miles (one way) at least once a year. The 458 doesn't need a huge amount of servicing, but there have been reports of issues such as dead batteries for which the dealer might be needed. For my situation in Jersey, I've got a feeling that there will come a time when I've got to order a transporter in to get the car back to the dealership. This will be costly, but what can you do?

The 458 has very advanced traction control and driving on ice and snow is not an issue. I would order wintertyres if I were you, though. Probably an extra set of wheels would be a good idea, and the front lift system might be as well to give you more clearance when needed.

Here is the official Ferrari page on which dealer network serves which country. You can choose between North Europe and Central Europe.



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erg 02-08-2012 10:44 AM

thank you
Thank you for your advice! I call to Sweden, Finland a Germany and ask where i can get 458 shortest time. I go to Germany 4-6 times a year for business and it should be nice to take a longer trip once a year, but Sweden and Finland are closer. Letīs see...

Funny thing is that, if i decide to buy 458 then it will be first 458 in Estonia :)

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