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FlyingHaggisRacing 11-07-2015 08:55 AM

456M GTA engine into a 456GTA
456M GTA engine into a 456GTA
Here in HK it's nearly impossible to get anyone to do a headgasket or a new cylinder sleeve - which is probably whats wrong with the my 456 engine.

So the breakers has a 456M GTA engine available.

The question is can i put a M engine in a 456GTA.

I know the 456M had a different firing order, but that's the ECUs doing that.
Was not sure if they had different cams and needed different timing etc...
Or if any of the in/outlets/sensors were so different it wouldn't work.

Anyone have some info they can share ?


tazandjan 11-07-2015 11:57 AM

Both are 5.2, so if you get the Motronic ECUs that go with the M, it should be a pretty easy swap. You may lose some functions like the spoiler, which the M ECUs will have no clue about. All the timing functions, injection, etc are in the Motronic ECUs.

You need one of the pros to comment because they may know of something that would prevent the swap we have not thought about.

David @ FluentInFerrari 11-07-2015 01:14 PM

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Pretty much a plug and play swap, although "used engines" from "wrecking yards" make me very nervous. I'd rather be repairing what you have, as in my opinion, the risks are much lower.

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