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Ferrari on fire?

Hi everyone.The last few days i watched on the internet(youtube) many videos with several ferraris that have caught fire.As i am a 360 owner, i wonder if that is common and why a car like that could catch fire.Is it something that i must be concerned about? And how can you predict it? By watching the oil temperature or something else? Also i would like to know something else.When i go for a weekend ride, i takes about 40-50 minutes for the oil temperature to rise at the normal functioning level, so i can't step on it because as soon as the oil warms up my ride ends... Knowing that the external temperature is about 10-20 celcius degrees what do you think?Is this normal or is it a malfunction of the oil indicator? I expect your opinions.Thank you.
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IMO it shouldn't take 40 - 50 minutes for oil to come to operating temperature if it's 10 - 20 degrees C outside. 10 minutes is a more normal range.

As for catching fire - it does seem that this problem has surfaced a couple of times with modern Ferraris. Recently a brand-new 599 burned out in the Netherlands, it started burning whilst driving! It presumably happens when fuel comes onto a hot surface (e.g. a burst fuel hose onto a running engine). Apart from regularly checking your hoses and keeping a fire extinguisher in the car (not sure how much it would help, but it's better than nothing), I don't think you can do much about it. Even if Ferrari's have this problem a little more than other makes (it seems), the likelihood of it happening to YOUR car is very small indeed. You are much more likely to have someone slam in the back of your car, IMHO. Since the car will be covered by insurance should this happen, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I certainly don't worry about my 550 catching fire.


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Agree, 10-15 minutes for the oil tempature to come into normal operating range is normal. On the 360, until the oil temp hits 80 degrees C, I keep the rpms to under 3500.

In terms of bursting into flame, in almost all cases it is due to a loose or burst fuel hose. Not much you can do about it other than check the engine bay for fuel vapors occasionally. I had a slightly loose fuel line on both a 512 BB and a F355. In both situations, I was able to catch it before it became an issue through visual inspections and sniffing around. Both these situations happened shortly after the cambelts had been replaced and the engines removed from the car.

Giving your car a through once over every couple of weeks is definitely worth doing. Especially after it has had major work done on it.
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