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Last night I was out working in the garage and my mind was wandering, and thinking about different experiences in my life. Last summer my wife and my 10 year old son took our first trip to Europe. We have traveled extensively in Asia, but this was our first experience in Europe. We spent time in France, Austria, Germany and England (be patient the Ferrari part will come). Well my 1 request was that I wanted to rent a VERY nice car to drive on some of the windy roads throughout this area. I went to extreme care to ensure that I would get a car that I wanted. I paid about 4 times the cost of a basic rental to get a 5 series BMW. This would hold the 3 of us and our luggage and be fun to drive. I even called the company numerous times prior to arrival to ensure that MY car would be there! When we arrived at DENZEL Drive in Vienna Austria to pick up the car I was just like a little kid. Well I checked in, and they walked me out to the car...... A diesel Hyundai SUV. Ummm this is not what I reserved! Oh well this is the equivalent of what you rented the agent said with a big smile. Dumbfounded, I asked in what world is an underpowered diesel Hyundai SUV the equivalent of a BMW 5 series? Anyway, this car was literally the only car they had left, so we ended up settling. Not what I wanted. Three days later, we drove about 700 kilometers through some of the most scenic and amazing roads I have ever been on, in addition to some time on the autobahn. I did get that baby up to 180KM an hour at one time, and I thought it was going to shake itself apart.

Well we had been driving through this beautiful pass in southern Bavaria and pulled over to take some pictures of a beautiful valley, and an old castle that was in ruins, when I heard this sweet music. A confoy of 15 ferraris came twisting down the road. There was a combination of 360's 355's and 348's and even a 308. One of the 355 Spyders pulled over and parked next to us to take some pictures of their own. The guy and his HOT girlfriend just took a quick glance at us as if to say "how sad that someone has to drive a diesel SUV when we are driving our SWEET Ferrari". I could not stand the embarrasment, so got into our piece of crap, and took off. To add insult to injury in my hast to leave, I killed the engine. I have not done that since I was 10 years old driving grandpas tractor! I am not sure I will ever be able to go to Europe again after that huge blow to my Psyche!

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Your story made me smile Dave, and I don't mean in an unkind way. Thanks for sharing! All I can say is the next time you come back you just make sure that you do it the right way. You know that you can hire Ferrari's as well, right? There is a rental company where you can rent a 360 spider to drive it around Lake Garda - haven't tried them myself and I can't find the website offhand but the price seems quite reasonable. The roads there are awesome!

You can check out the new Ferrari Life Quarterly for my story from the other side of the fence.


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Next time you are in Europe, suggest you contact:

to arrange a Ferrari rental.
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Jazzy, thanks for the reply. I have already read your article in Ferrari Life Quarterly, and that is what really got me to thinking about my trip this last summer. When I read articles like yours and Boxers describing your fantastic trips throughout Europe, I just think of myself buzzing down that autobahn at a blistering 180KPH and hoping that the Hyundai will hold together . I have already spoken with Club Sportiva that Boxer recommended, it sounds like a nice way to drive a host of different cars that I would not neccessarily buy for myself.

My whole European experience really kind of reminded me of taking a trip to Mexico. You have to usually reserve 3 cars just in the hope that one of the rental agencies will actually have a car. It does not matter what kind of car you rent, as they will give you the smallest thing they have, until you bribe your way up to the manage to get the actual car reserved. I guess the system kind of works, but it is a pain!! I am so used to just reserving a car, showing up at the airport, and actuallly getting that car for the price I agreed to pay!? Wow, what a novel concept huh. That being said, I am going to Mexico again in a couple weeks for a nice beach vacation with some clients, so it can't be that bad.
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