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Just curious how you would proceed on documentation

I don't plan on selling my car unless I really had to, but since I do the work myself and think I do very detailed work on my car and don't have the "Ferrari stamp" of approval, what would be the best way to document all the service work that I did? If you were a potential buyer of my car would you say that the car wasn't worth as much since it wasn't done by an "authorized Ferrari" dealer? (By the way if someone tried to pull that card on me...I would f-you and go away!..LOL!) Just curious of what the opinions are out there. How should I document and make my service history legit? Would you buy my 512TR over someone else's TR that had the same mileage knowing what was done to my car? WOuld it bother you not having the stamp?

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Basically by how you are doing it on Ferrari Life. Take pictures of the work being done and keep the receipts from your part purchases. This should be fine for almost all prospective future owners.

In reality, despite what we would like to believe, most Ferraris do not have fully service histories. At best many just have a few dealer stamps in the service book and no invoices. You tend to only find detailed histories on US and UK cars. I have never seen an Italian, German, or Belgium car with a complete, fully documented history.
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As Boxer said, do it the same way you have on here. I'd create a folder with photographic evidence of the work you've done - it should speak for itself. I bet no F Dealer or shop would pay the same attention to detail as you, and your TR is probably a far better car than the majority of others out there.

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I agree with Boxer and Archie. What you have done here is documentation enough. Save the receipts for any parts you have purchased and photo document the work. I think what you have shown us here makes the car far more valuable than a receipt for service performed at a dealer.

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Unless you plan on having specific mechanics doing the work I don't think it's going to make much of a difference from a buyer's standpoint, either the car was taken care of or it wasn't, for instance I'm not so sure if a seller shoving papers in my face would help, because it should be obvious either way.

So, as long as you keep up with it the best you can you will not need records to prove it, way I see
things, keep the receipts for what you buy for it and be done with it.
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I service my own vehicles. I keep a log book that reads like this:

DATE---MILES-----------ISSUE------------WORK PERFORMED-------------COMMENTS/NOTES
__________________________________________________ ______________________________

Under ISSUE, if it is just regular maintenance, I name the service (oil change, etc.). If it is a repair, I describe the problem in a phrase or two.

Under WORK, I will list everything done -- i.e. replaced timing belt, water pump, etc.

Under COMMENTS/NOTES, I list any difficulty or deviation from normal. For example, taken from the previous owner of one of my Esprits, a shim of a specified thickness was needed to align the tensioner.

- Tony
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If someone kept receipts, photos, and a log book (and none of it raised any red flags), I'd have a good feeling that they are meticulous and skilled enough to have done the work properly.

Beyond that, it is the buyer's responsibility to determine for himself whether the car has been properly serviced. He can look at your parts receipts and has the information to know whether you bought quality gaskets, etc., or cheaped out on them. Anyone of reasonable intelligence should be able to figure out from conversing with you, looking at the car, and reading the paperwork, whether you serviced the car properly.

- Tony
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