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I went to the N.I launch of the 430 Scuderia

My mate Ian and I got an invite to the launch of the new Ferrari 430 Scuderia at the N.I Ferrari dealers but as the weather was pretty poor I decided not to take the 308.
On arrival I was greeted with the site of no less than 9 Ferrari’s sitting in a row outside the window. 3 F430’s, a 550 Maranello and 3 360’s. The photos don’t do the sight justice.

While standing there, 2 612's appeared. one red, one Met grey. They are a big car!
In I went and there the car was with its cover on. I could see the bottom of one wheel in a nice matt grey colour. And that was it.

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We wandered round the showroom to see what else was there. A really nice Met black F430 with a red interior. I didn’t think the black would have suited the car but boy does it look well.

Right beside it was one of the Ferrari F430 challenge cars, fresh from the battle by the look of the scrapes and stone chips on it. The sales man asked if I wanted to get into it but when he opened the door and I seen all the width of the seat, never mind the roll cage that would have to be negotiated, I decided against it for fear of embarrassment.

Thankfully I was saved the embarrassment as they cover was about to be taken off the Scuderia, so I quickly took my place at the front to make sure I didn’t miss anything. (I’m not the tallest). I have to admit I was waiting to see the blood red paint scheme of the car but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised to see it was metallic grey.

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Not just that but it had a silver stripe over its bonnet and roof to. There was loads of exposed carbon fibre everywhere to. The mirrors, the rear diffuser, the rear grill, and the front splitter. Along with those wheels, the car looked amazing. The change to the nose makes the car look so much more aggressive to me.

The engine bay was equally impressive. Again covered in carbon fibre and exposed aluminium tubing. One of the things that got me was just how low the engine sits and how far forward. You could only make it out in fact by the red cam covers.
While I was standing peering in I was politely asked to move to one side. It didnít take long to figure out why; because straight away I heard the sound of fuel pumps and then a very sharp AND LOUD ďbarping noise rocked the inside of the building as the car cracked into life. Its one thing hearing any Ferrari outside but to hear it in a showroom with the sound bouncing off the walls is an experience I donít think Iíll forget in a hurry.

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Once the unvailing had been done, the guy from Ferrari UK (and AutoSport magazine) gave a presentation about the car. It was pretty comprehensive and took him almost 40 minutes to get through. Some of the details were fantastic. For instance, the car weighs about 16 stone lighter than an “ordinary” F430. But you can lighten it further by fitting lighter seats 1.5kg, do away with the Alcantara radio panel cover and fit a carbon fibre one (I think it was 2 ounces or something silly like that). I could go on but it would take to long. One significant point about the paddle shift gearbox though is worth noting. A 2007 Ferrari F1 car changes gear in 30 mille seconds, the Scuderia does it in 60 mille seconds. An Enzo does it in 120. That’s how close the gearbox is to the F1 cars these days!

When the presentation finished it was time to get into the car and to see what all the fuss is about. WOW! The whole package just screams “RACE ME”. No carpets. Bare welded aluminium. Carbon fibre and Alcantara everywhere. The steering wheel has change up lights on the top of it and the knob to change the setup of the car for road, race, traction control levels, etc. The dials to me look just perfect. And no radio in the car, “so you can hear the music properly”. Think about it.

And that’s the moment when my boy hood came flooding back to me. Sitting in front of our black and white TV when I was about 4 asking my Dad what the cars were with the horse on them. Being taken out for my first drive ever in a Ferrari Dino 246 on my 17th birthday that my Dad arranged for me. Things I will never forget. I swore that day I would work hard and save hard and some day I would have a Ferrari of my own.
I doubt I’ll ever be fortunate enough to experience a “Scuderia” or probably any other of today’s Ferrari’s (F40 especially) but as I sat in the Scuderia looking around at some of the people who clearly knew nothing about Ferrari’s history and the car would only be a toy to them, all I could think about was my 27 year old 308 GTS. About how it’s taken me 20 years to save up for it, and about just how much it means to me.
Ferrari’s are my passione. They are in my blood and amazing machines.

I decided I wasn’t EVER getting out of this car as I was soaking the history and Passione of the most famous Sports car maker in history.
Reality hit though as I realised I was being dragged out by my mate and one of the sales men screaming and kicking "NO NO I' not getting out, I'm beating Schumacher here"! “Damm them”.

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I had the priviledge of seeing the 430 Scuderia a week or two ago. Fantastic looking car and very raw, almost F40 like in the cabin.
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thanks for sharing, great text and even better pictures!

best car in production right now, IMHO

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going." - J. P. Kennedy
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Nice pictures. That metallic grey is by far my favorite color on the 430's. I was fortunate to be at the unveiling of the Scuderia at the IAA Show in Frankfurt back in september. I can't think of the words to describe how much I like that car. But it's alot.
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Yes, thank you for posting your experience. They would have had to drag me out too.

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Great story - thanks! I'm very, very partial to the Scud - it's a great looking car and apparently even better to drive. Would be a perfect companion to my somewhat refined 550...

I won 35 euro in the lottery yesterday so I'm almost there!


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That's just beautiful...it looks raw and powerful.
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The Scuderia is what the 430 should have looked like to begin with.
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that just put a chill down my back, can one ever get tired of seeing ferrari pictures
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