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Tell tale signs of a disconnected speedo

I've seen a few posts recently where the writer has commented on how easy it is to disconnect the speedo on older Ferrari's inc 308's and assume that includes the 328.
I just wondered how easy it is to spot any tell tale signs of previous owners trying to cover up the cars true mileage, and does it really matter as long as it has been properly maintained and serviced with cam belt changes every 3 yrs.
I have no reason to suspect the mileage on my own car isn't accurate. Upon reviewing the service records and annual inspection certificates (MOT's in the UK) it looks as though the car was hardly used in the 5 years before I bought it (roughly 2500 miles). The total mileage is approx 21K in 18 yrs.
The interior of the car is also in nearly mint condition, apart from the seat backs which flap around a bit when you first get in the car.
I've also been told my small oil leak from the cam seals would suggest lack of use, although these were replaced on the last major service in April 06, but it still leaks because I don't use it enough
From a personal point of view I don't really care if my mileage is 21K or 50K, as long as it starts every time I want to use it and doesn't break down. Whether it effects the resale value isn't really a concern as I don't have any plans to sell it in the short, medium or long term, I'd waited 20+ yrs to own a 308/328 so I'm unlikely to give up my dream now.

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It can be tough to tell sometimes. Pedal wear is the obvious sign, look at the clutch and break pedals for wear. The carpet just to the right of the gas pedal also can be a clue. On the chassis, there will always be some dirt and grease. But over the long haul road grime has it's own "appearance" and get's quite "krusty" under the car. Any parts that are plain steel that tend to rust can sometimes tell a story. The wheel wells are like rings in a tree stump...look closely there for evidence of rubberized respray or repairs. Keep in mind that some major services include the re-spraying of Wurth's undercoating or similar. The biggest sign of higher miles are chips and scrapes to the front end of the car - once you've determined that it hasn't been repainted of course. If it has been resprayed and there are still tons of chips and can be pretty certain that the car has lots of miles. It's not only the nose of the car that gets chips...but also any suspension pieces, look at the front of the a-arms, shocks, and the rear wheel well panels. Check the leading edge of the valence panel under the rear bumper too.

This is a pretty tough topic to be an authority on. Because I've seen cars with over 50k miles that looked like very low-mile cars! I hope others chime in and comment on their experiences!
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