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Is ferrari better now or 20 years ago

well is it? I personally dont think it is, cars nowadays dont have the same driving experience they once used to have with power steering and special brakes, tyres. The real driving experience has been taken away. Please tell me your opinions on the subject.
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new ones are much faster, but i like the style of the older ones
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Today’s Ferraris are much better cars than 20 years ago. Not only are they faster, they are much safer, and are better built. My mechanic tells me I should get 200,000 miles before heads come off. Sure, the new ones are easier to drive, power steeling, power brakes, and the computer. If you like the older ones, you better like working on them. The older the car, not just Ferrari, the worst it gets. Look at a car built in the 1920s. Compare that with a car built in the 50s or 80s. They just keep getting better and better.


12 cylinders or walk
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Hello Paul

well it depends on who you ask it what answer you get.
Personally i just LOVE driving classic cars, cruising with them on b-roads during the summer, nothing can compare to it.
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Specifically twenty years ago or just older ferraris in general?

You really can't beat the 60's.....
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Probably technical speaking the newer ones are better. Practicality (or at least sort of) is probably better in new ones as well. Looks of new and older cars are great as well. So maybe not better in that sence.

But with respect to individuality, I think the older ones win it by far. If you drive a 360, you are with thousands of others (fortunate and blessed ones that is) in the world. When you drive a 512bb for instance, less than a thousand others are with you.

Depends on your definition of better: break-downs, fuel consumption, performance, comfort, soul etc, etc...

Just my 2c,

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I agree, Niels. It's like "comparing apples to oranges," fuel injection to carburetors. The current models are different as compared to the older models and not better.

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Barry and Niels,

I'm right with you. What is the benchmark? Speed? Not in my opinion. Cosmetics? Definitely a percentage of it. Driveability? Maybe.

It's all in the eye of the beholder. To me, there's nothing that can hold a candle to the beauty of a 275. Is it as fast as a 575? Heck no. Is it as driveable as a Mondial? Heck no. There's no doubt in my mind that the 275 is one of the great pieces of automotive art and without a doubt, one of the true great racing cars for the road.

Remember, we all have different tastes and personalities; lucky for you, your's isn't like mine! :wink: Still, we all congregate to this site, auto shows, etc for one common passion, one common marque. Ferrari. There's something special about that.


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You all have good points. Comparing a new Ferrari to an old one is like comparing oranges and apples. Technology wise, a new Volkswagon is lightyears ahead of an old Ferrari. Styling wise, an old 275, a new Enzo, gee how do you pick between those?

Performance wise, people love to compare apples with oranges. When I got my 308 a buddy was telling me how his 2001 Z-28 would walk all over that Ferrari of mine. Well Duuuh, his car is 22 years newer than mine. I would be dissapointed if Chevy didn't make advances in performance over a 22 year time period. Compare the performance of a stock '79 308 with a stock '79 Camaro. (Oh, I did have to remind him that my '79 308 is still worth what I paid for it. How about your '01 Camaro?)

I think the styling of the 308 is timeless. With a lot of cars, the styling goes, well, out of style. They look like older cars. The 308 still looks as good today as it did when it was first introduced. People can't believe my car is 24 years old. Next year I get to put Antique Auto plates on it. Wow! A 150 mph antique automobile!

Capt. Pete
'79 308 GTS, '82 Jeep CJ7 Jamboree
"Time is what prevents everything from happening all at once."
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Students of automobile design, even today, are assigned the study of the 308 GTB design.
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It's a design that's modern and vintage at the same time.


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