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Should I worry?

Hello all,

I am looking at a euro 360 my2000 spyder which had some top end work done about 18 months and 5k miles ago. The car has been serviced with belts and new clutch/ flywheel placed at that time. It appears from the reciepts that the valves were replaced along with the head gaskets. I tried to contact the service manager at Ferrari of San Diego but he would not give me any details stating he could only disclose to the present owner. What kinda BS is that? Since the overhaul, the car has been serviced several more times at the Lambo dealership in Los Gatos. The manager there only had good things to say about the car. Any cause for concern? I am not familiar with 360s that is why I am seeking the forum's input. I have a heavily modified Viper and the fact that the valves were replaced does not bother me if things were done properly. I guess after 5K miles one would have noted any pending problems.
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I would be careful if you don't know what all were replaced and why. All seem to be o.k. but I would wanna know why the valves were replaced? It is possible that the belt broke or one of the variators gave up... If it's all been fixed I would want to know what parts went into the engine and if they are the latest and the greatest from Ferrari. Some parts have been updated several times due to reliability issues, just becareful.
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Seems to me the previous owner is a heavy hitter. He must have been quite rough on the car. As far as I know Ferrari dealer will be wary of repairing a car after it has been modified, because the Ferrari computer will not be able to diagnose and reset the ECU. So you have to be very careful.

As for the Service Manager not willing to give details, it's a normal practice. They're under no obligation to reveal what has been done to the car except to the owner. But you can take the car to the workshop and have it assessed for a fee. You'll get a written report officially.

There are many 360 Spyders out there, so why do you want this one. Shop around and buy only when you're 100% confident and happy with the car.
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Good advice from Stadale & 4i2fly.

New clutch AND flywheel (sounds like he must have worn the plate down to the backing or burned it badly). New valves & head gaskets (even a broken belt would have only taken out 1 bank, not both). All in less than 4 years!! Doesn't sound like an ideal car for long-term ownership. I'd look elsewhere, PLUS get an inspection report done before agreeing the buying price.
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Thanks guys for the input. The faxed copies of the services performed were very difficult to read but I was able to determine the left 5/8 bank cam variator was broken and that was the reason for the repairs. I assume the timing belt snapped. I am trying to contact the seller to get him to let the dealership disclose all information to me regarding the history of the car. BTW the reason I am so interested is the price along with the color combo. Yellow/Black with 6 spd and Tubi exhaust the only options I really wanted. He has other stuff on the car which I really could care less about, like upgraded stereo and the challenge grill. I don't think I'll be listening to the stereo that often anyhow, just like in my GTS. :green: I will keep you posted whether the deal goes through or not. Again, thanks for the input.
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The variators are being replaced by FNA for all US cars within a ceratin vin range. This does not apply to Euro cars. The updated variators are materialli different than the ones made in 2001 and should signify a blue or a green dot. If only one bank on variator has been replaced the other bank must be replaced as well with the new updated version. The timing belt tensioners also are being replaced by factory.

I don't know about the flywheel, are you sure it wasn't the ring gear. There was an update to make the ring gear more secure and safe and has 6 bolts instead of three originally.
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The variator problems are on: all 360 models with engine numbers below 60796 only (vin range; 114015 to 123399). I believe it covers model year from 1999 through early 2001, US spec cars only.
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Got to talk to the service manager at Ferrari of San Diego. The cam variator failed on one side bending the valves ie the reason for the top end overhaul. He said it is normal for the flywheel to be replaced with clutch work since this flywheel was a 3 bolt design. Also had nothing but good things to say about the car. :green: Once the deal goes through, I will let you all know. Looking forward to becoming a member of the prancing horse brotherhood :green: Again, thanks all for the replies.
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