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Scuderia Rampante Innovations gold connector kit - is it really worth it?

I have recently saw some discussion about the gold connector replacement kit of Scuderia Rampante Innovations in the other forum and to be honest all the opinions about it were positive.

I have contacted them and checked about the price of a kit for my F355, which is about $2000 shipped. For sure they overcharge a lot for shipping and as far as the price of the kit itself goes - I'm not sure, it depends of how good exactly it is, but anyway - that's their price and that's out of discussion. I thought that they just provide some new pins and an installing tool and that's it, but maybe it is a whole lot more and I'm just not so good informed.

My question is - should I really need to spend 2 grand for that kit, is the benefit for the car really that big and does it really "resolves all your electric problems"?

I will be glad if some of the guys who have already installed it on they cars.

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Solid, upstanding guy with an impeccable reputation....Unfortunately, the cost of developing the kit is not inconsequential.

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Rumen, if you buy the full kit it includes some new connector housings, boots and a lot of pins plated in Gold. I can assure you that the value of this kit is obvious. I encourage people to add this in while doing a major service. Your car will benefit greatly. It will run smoother, make better power and reduce the likely hood of miscommunication between sensors and computers, making CEL's less likely.

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I installed the main portion of the kit on my '95 F355 a little over 2 years ago. I did the vast majority of the work myself while the engine was out for it's big service. I felt it was definitely worthwhile and do not regret it one bit.

The thing you probably do not realize is the amount of research and engineering that went into assembling the kit. No detail was too small. Even some of the job specific tools were developed just for this procedure. I could go on and on but I won't.

If you want to read all about it and see some pics from my adventure, then just google "F355 University" and you will find a long thread about it on some other chat forum for Ferraris.

The overall value and effectiveness of the kit were hotly debated on the other forum. It lead to a huge falling out amongst several members of the forum. Let me boil it down for you - if you want to buy something "off the shelf" then this is the best/only option and it's worth it. If you are a serious tinkerer and have tons of time / energy to investigate alternatives and "roll your own solution" - then, yes, you could spend a lot less money.

* I also did Scuderia Rampante's hose kit at the same time and highly recommend it.
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I am actually not questioning the price of the kit - they are the sellers - that's their price and if you don't like it , you should just skip it. Actually their overpriced international shipping was the only thing, that left me a little bit bad impression, but anyway - what I really wanted to ask is if this really works like it should. I mean - for 2000 dollars you should really expect something to change noticeably in the car's performance in general.

But if you guys say it really works, then I will order it The only problem is that my major service has already been done, so I will need to install it with the engine in place.

About the hoses - I actually bought this kit and just installed it, hope it works good:

RAMAIR SFS Silicone Coolant Hose Kit Ferrari F355 | eBay
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