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Learning to drive F430 F1..help!

Hey there fellas. wife and i took the F430 for her first real drive this afternoon. went 50 miles total. all was fine except 3-4 times, the car would pause then throw itself into neutral during acceleration. I did not push her hard but casually at 4K RPMs, i shift from 1st to 2nd, then click paddle, then nothing happens for 2-3 seconds..then goes into neutral... from neutral i shift up and all is fine... this happend a few times like i said but sometimes it happend when trying to get to 4th from 3rd...but all occasions were about the same during acclerations from a stop at about 4-5K rpms.

After replaying the events in my mind, could i have let off pressure on my gas foot during these shifts, thus causing car to not respond and go into neutral? i'm used to shifting a stick with: clutch in, shift gear, clutch out, then gas pedal...if i am correct, my gas pedal needs to be constantly IN when as i shift??? please help as i am worried my car may be malfunctioning... besides this, the F430 is amazing and so is the F1 transmission. The sound is as good as all of you have mentioned! truly love the car. now just have to learn how to drive. i'll consult manual again after this post.
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I think that you will get a lot more responses if you post this in the 360/430 section.
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movin over with new thread.

we'll see Slim. i'll repost over there too.
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Cheng- Going to neutral is the F1 system's safety feature to prevent damage to the F1 system when something is wrong. Have someone with an SD3 or equivalent check the system and see what he says. There are many things that can cause that problem, and many of them are inexpensive, like PIS needing to be reset, or the F1 hydraulic system needing to be bled or being low on hydraulic fluid. But I would definitely have someone look at it before it gets any worse.

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Thanks Terry.

Thanks Terry. I'll call the local independent that i was meaning to visit. i'll also see if the manual will tell me how to check the hydraulic fluid. the PIS was checked just b4 i bought the car (have SD3 printouts) and it was set correctly.
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Cheng, I agree with Terry, you better get this issue checked ASAP. When the F1 goes in neutral, something is wrong. The printouts won't show you all possible F1 issues, only the diagnosis routines done with the SD3 may show if there is a problem somewhere in the F1 system. Good luck
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Update? Hate this for you.


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Hey Cheng

just sent you a PM, but basically seeing how your F430 is doing, and if you got the tranny issue figured out yet?

Hoping for the best for you buddy...keep us posted

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