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My 328 vs. Chev Lumina SS UTE

how you all doing ?

this past week a Monza Red Chevy Lumina SS UTE (LDV) the older ones around 2005 - 5.7L V8 caught up with me while driving around the quiet country side relaxing and enjoying a sunny late morning without the top (targa)

the guy in the Lumina hinted lets go ! so we accelerated from around 75 mph to about 100 and I saw the guy was getting serious so I put foot down while still in 4'th gear - revs to about 7200rpm and towards 5'th at around 125 mph I started overtaking him at 135 and I quit at around 150 and he ( the Lumina ) was already about 4 car lengths behind me so we stopped at the next turnoff and had a chat, he said that he enjoyed seeing my 328 flowing like a dart surpassing his strong V8 and he complimented me on the beauty of the Ferrari,

he could not believe the 328 is only a 3.2 V8

I told him he's Chevy stand out in red and the V8's noise is awesome ! he was laughing and ask me to pop the 328's lights as he was driving away...

just some fun I had wanting to share with you guys...hehehe


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Sounds like fun!
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Johnny- There are some advantages to a low drag sports car compared to a barn door Ute. He was pushing enough air with that thing at 125 mph to start his own tornado.

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Originally Posted by JohnnyTS View Post

he could not believe the 328 is only a 3.2 V8

Had a nice run Sunday - 328 458 and myself in the 16M sort of left the pack of others behind,

Love the sound of the 328 and although my hp was hard to keep up with he did just fine in the twisties.

The owners who have had their Ferrari's for a long time can drive the heck out of em.
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Guys, I know, the 328 is like a dart comparing to a baseball ! LOL

and both vehicles are of similar weight.

anycase, the Chev Lumina UTE still punch a lot of performance , could be that this one was driven a bit lazy but anycase the 328 really perform unbelievably well for a car from the late 80's especially after 5500rpm through out to 7800rpm

I never even exceed 7600 rpms (red starts at 7800 )

the car accelerates quickly I think my first 7 seconds from take-off is like 70mph instead of the Lumina's 60mph and then again at top end the 328 is just must faster, I think the Lumina UTE tops out at about 140mph vs the 328's 160+

but then again that Cowboy UTE 5.7L V8 just sounds like a proper performance V8 not as raw as the 328 with Tubi but a very original V8 sound.

I think a chip and de-cat on the Lumina will do wonders for that 327HP engine ! something is definetly keeping it back, ten to one because of cat (emmision laws) restrictions etc...
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