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360 Modena, what's best? auto or manual

Hello all,

New to this board, I will soon be shopping for a 360 spider and doing some research before, I have seeing many 360's F1 auto shift paddles out there and just a few with actual clutch/stick manual transmission.

I have a Mercedes SLK 55 AMG (I love the car and will keep it also) which is auto and also have the shift paddles that I rarely use, I think they are kind hard to shift while making a turn, just not really fan of it and probably would have more of a real feel for it with an old fashion clutch/stick transmission.

Now, in terms of maintenance and durability which one would be the best for a moderated normal use?

I am kind shocked when I see posts that those 360's basically need a new clutch after just 10~15K miles

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Welcome to FL, Ed. Let the owners and experts chime in for their comments. Good luck with your search. w/ smiles Jimmy
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Welcome to F Life Ed M. I own an F1 360, but my advice would be to test drive both manual and F1. I think you'll find the F1 is far removed from your SLK gearbox experience. Both will deliver an excellent driving experience and your decision will probably come down to personal preference in the end.

Good luck with the search, and be sure to keep us informed.

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Welcome to the forum, you've come to the right place. We have a very high owners-to-members ratio here with decades of collective experience.

Whole digital forests have been felled to write about the 360 and particularly the paddle vs stick issue. Do a search and you'll find innumerable posts discussing their differences, owner preferences, and clutch life expectancies.

Having driven both, I chose a traditional stick for my 360 and am glad I did. However, you'll find just as many people on the opposite side of the fence who prefer the paddles. For me, I feel more conected to the car with the stick.

As for clutch life, I think most of what you read is folklore. However, the 360 paddles can be harder on the clutch when in reverse and/or uphill. I'll let the experts tell you how long they should last under normal circumstances, but 10-15k miles is too low an estimate.
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Hello Ed. I'm sure you'll get plenty of replys in favor of both versions. Personally I prefer the F1 and it's a good thing too since that's what I own. I'm not sure you can compare your SLK transmission with the 360 F1 gearbox. I'm certainly not a Mercedes expert (and I'm sure I'll be corrected if wrong) so forgive me if I'm wrong, but is your SLK transmisison actually just an automatic transmission? i.e. a true automatic with a torque converter? If so, that's not what the Ferrari F1 is. The F1 is a true manual transmission that is shifted electro-hydraulically via the paddles. Obviously a very different animal from an automatic with "paddles".

I have nearly 46,000 miles on my F1 gearbox and it's been very trouble free. Clutch life depends on many factors not the least of which is your driving style. It's quite easy to get much more than 10-15K miles out of an F1 clutch.

Good luck with your search. Drive both versions and buy the one you think is the most fun.

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Welcome to FLife

Post your prospects ... there is a lot of information on the 360 market on here.

I love the F1 driving experience
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Which is better? Either one. Let me explain.

Both my Ferrari's are sticks (including the 360). Call me old school or purist, but I prefer the stick shift.

Bill Orth (Ferrari of Denver), recently wrote an article "Been There, Done That" explaining the Ferrari market shift to F1 paddles and extolling the performance benefits of F1 shift over a manual stick shift. At the end of the article he pleads a mea culpa advising the readers that every one of his personal Feerrari's has been a stick shift (including the TR I purchased from him over ten years ago).

I drove the 360 in both configurations before I decided on a stick.
I suggest you do the same before you buy.

I think it's a matter of personal choice; therefore, I believe that neither is "better."

As for premature clutch wear, I suspect it will depend mostly on your driving style.

All the best and welcome to Ferrari Life!
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I agree with the others that it is a personal choice. I did test drive both and ended up with the F1. All of my other sports cars were manual. The F1 is a blast. The higher rpm shifts in sport mode are unbelievebly fast. Good luck. No matter which you get, Ferraris are the best.
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