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Ferrari spin?

Looks like Chris Harris of Evo magazine has something to say about it:

Jalopnik: Obsessed With The Cult Of Cars
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There's certainly a lot of truth to this rant, but I can't believe that no other manufacturer does similar things. Perhaps they're just better at concealing it.

And to sell your 575 because of this? I am absolutely convinced that was not the reason, it just happens to serve putting his point across.


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Originally Posted by JazzyO View Post
And to sell your 575 because of this? I am absolutely convinced that was not the reason, it just happens to serve putting his point across.

It certainly was not the reason he was giving back at the end of last year. It was more along the lines of something to do with the size of his morgage.
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I stopped reading car/motorcycle magazines in about 1993/4…when I realized pretty much everything was pure crap. I still enjoy looking at the pictures, but there is generally little point in reading the articles.
Before that I never really questioned what I read….it’s a shootout, how could it be wrong? In 1990 I bought my first new motorcycle, a ZX6 and the most powerful 600cc bike make up to that point. In the shootout it dynode 76rwhp if I recall with its closest competitor down around 72 and since I was headed to the track it mattered to me. A year or 2 later Honda came out with their new 600 and the write up in the same magazine called it the most powerful 600 they ever tested at 76.1hp and the ZX6 was now down to 74 or something like that and my my how the handle handled and easily unseated Yamaha as the 600cc handling king. In reality at the track the Honda had no hope what so ever of passing a Kawasaki on the front straight and equally no hope of out cornering a Yamaha.

The Honda did have good balance and was a very good bike over-all and right in the hurt….but flat out winner? No way. So how did they so handily win the shootout you might ask? They bought 3 full page adds in 6 consecutive editions the best I could figure. In the hotrod/speed magazines a feature article on a build your shop did costs about 3 ½ page adds I’m told by a friend in the business and the ad sales guy will flat-out tell you that. Whether it’s opinion or “fact”, what you read in these magazines is bought and paid for and press cars are never actually what rolls off the production line….such is life.

Ferrari’s are a tad different than Chevys though in that they come from the factory is a MUCH higher state of tune. When ferrarri wants to test at the test the car will be run on it’s probably much more about tire pressure and alignment specs than anything else because on a Ferrari very small changes (which are most likely completely within factory spec) matter. Unless you’ve raced you may not truly understand that point, but 1-2 psi can made a HUGE difference and Ferrari knows is. The acceleration car will have low tire pressure, the handling car will have the right tire pressure for the track and your personal results will pretty much never match what the factory guys can achieve (how often does a private team beat the factory team?).

So, look at the pictures and buy cars you enjoy but races are decided on a race track not on published specs.
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Originally Posted by mk e View Post
I stopped reading car/motorcycle magazines in about 1993/4…when I realized pretty much everything was pure crap. I still enjoy looking at the pictures, but there is generally little point in reading the articles.
Funny enough so did I. I agree with your sentiments

Ferrari have always made journos play by their rules, nothing new there. It sounds to me like the self-publicising Mr Harris is Mr Dennis' new best friend. Those grapes must have been pretty sour...

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Interesting that Chris Harris waits until the week Mclaren lift the embargo on the MP4 12C to vent his spleen about Ferrari The issues he is highlighting happened months ago so why the lengthy delay in expressing his feelings?

Will his next piece for EVO involve a story about how he has just taken delivery of a new Mclaren and intends to see if he can repeat his near depreciation free early model Gallardo ownership experience?
Me...... suspicious?.......... Never!
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It’s no coincidence that Mr. Harris references Mr. Holmes in his rant. No doubt a large percentage of owners are concerned with the relative stats of their manhood. These folks undoubtedly care about and base their purchase decisions in part on which car/model is fastest, has the most horsepower, pulls the most G’s, etc. So it’s understandable they feel a bit cheated when they find out someone has a bigger automotive pee pee than they do.

But no one past the age of sixteen should take a car mag’s review at anything near face value. Has any car in the history of automobiles EVER lived up to the company’s claims?

When we drive the Spider, even many non-obsessed people frequently ask how many horsepower it has, how fast it goes, or can it beat a particular car. They always seem a bit surprised and disappointed when I tell them I have no idea. To us, those kinds of stats add absolutely zero to the enjoyment factor.

Come to think of it, when we go out my sweetie always wants to know the venue so she can dress accordingly and, to use Harris’ phrase, “tune”. And I’ve never though of ditching her because she does, nor considered it “cheating”. But even if I did, one of my mottos is: If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough….
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It's not just the car mags, or mags at all. happens with all "news" and entertainment. My company was also able to procure a "cover story" in the local home mag through advertising. In fact, they tried to gyp me out of it so i stopped paying what i owed them. That got the ball rolling. In their defense, they do need to come up with a bunch of new stories every month and they just aren't out there. So they are always looking for articles to print. They just wouldn't dare say anything negative about an advertiser.

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