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550 maranello-retro fit (250 style parcel shelf).

I'm considering retro fitting the 250 style (diamond patterned) parcel shelf on my 550. any ideas where or whom I should ask before I head to the main dealer. Also any one with a similar experience.


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I have the plain tan carpeting on the rear shelf of my 98 550, so I don't have any direct experience.

I think the "Lusso" diamond pattern is a great look but one of the things I've heard, when I was shopping for my car, is to be careful of the color used.

My understanding is some of the colors reflect a lot on the back glass and it can be distracting. So, it might be worth it to first sit in a 550 that has the leather rear shelf in a similar color to what you're thinking of putting in.

Please post some before & after pics and lessons learned when you get it done. Good luck with the project.
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Toggie: thanks for the input on the possible reflections on the rear view. I was wondering what colour would affect it the most?

My interior is in creme leather with black piping. The dash and the steering wheel is in black leather. Just trying to decide which colour (creme or black) would suit the car the best. The exterior is nero.

I will definitely post pictures and comment on the process.

Regards, Jacob.

p.s. the lusso is my all time favourite ferrari.
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generally, light colors are worse and dark colors better vis a vis reflections. Most dashes are black for this reason.

To answer your question, i would check out good local upholstery shops (don't live in the UK), the dealer is just gonna send it there anyway. Might as well go straight to the source. Might make sense to go on a local porsche or bmw board (more active members) and get some local recommendations.

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I fear this may be a costly exercise - at least if you want to cover all the way to the back as the official option was like (see pic). The rear of a 550 is very difficult to access for an upholsterer, and I would not be surprised if the rear window has to come out. If that is the case, I personally would never go there. My rear window had to come out for some damage repair and it shattered even though extreme care was taken. It took a lot of effort to find a new one, and by golly was it expensive. In the region of 5k Euro, if I'm not mistaken - thankfully covered by insurance.

But - as said, I'm not sure if it is required to take out.

If you want I can ask my master upholsterer when I see him next week - even Ferrari themselves consult him so he will know.

One thing if you do go for it: do a thorough check on the stitching, I've seen some horribly skew jobs.


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This was not my choice (previous owner did the shown cross diamond pattern along with the pull handles, pockets in my 275. Obviously, he was a fan of the same 250 Lusso interior. Color is black. See if you like it. w/ smiles Jimmy
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Thanks for the input Wetpet and Onno.

It will depend on if the rear window needs to be taken out and of course the cost. If the rear window does need to be taken out, I would probably leave it for the time being. Colour wise, It will likely be in black. Less reflective and also current shelf is in black carpet.

Regards, Jacob.

Jimmy; I love the interior. Very classy indeed.
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Jacob, greetings. Good to see that you've decided to keep the car. I should be completing on a 550 WSR this week.

Definitely go for a crema / black stitch 250 parcel shelf!
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