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Do you care about your Ferrari?

Would you go to an unqualified doctor if you are sick? Why would you take your ferrari to a mercedes mechanic? I would take my ford to a chevy mechanic. But i wouldn't take my ferrari to a chevy mechanic. the possibility for expensive mistakes are just too high. Why do i say this? Because i have heard a lot of stories lately of supposed "experts" who can't even do a simple oil change correctly. Doesn't matter if the shop is a factory shop or a shop that has some connection to another shop, check the credentials of the mechanic that is actually working on your car. The mechanic that is actually wrenching your car should be highly qualified or supervised by someone that is highly qualified. Think you are safe going to a dealer? What about shops that don't specialize in ferraris? think again.

some of you know that i am friends with the owners of competizione. I hear stories that would blow your mind. Scary stories. I can't relate any of them out of privacy issues with the owners. Only those owners can step up and tell you the stories. and i hope they do. But i do feel like i at least need to warn people that some people that say they are experts on ferraris really aren't. And i have proof. some will see this as a blatant advertisement for competizione, and in a way it is. But i chose to post this in the general forum instead of the regional one as a general discussion. Frankly, everybody that would use competizione in our region already does.

I personally have no horror stories about my ferrari because it is worked on by the best in the business. But if anyone else has a personal problem they would like to share with the community, in an effort to spare the next guy, let's here about it. with names.

For those of you that are talented enough to work competently on your own cars, of course this does not apply to you. But for those of us that pay others to do the work, we need the info.

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Just to qualify what you've stated I too have heard some of these horror stories. Not just from Competizione but from owners themselves. Some of these stories relate to some of their competition locally. One reason why I have no problem believing it is because i've seen some of the damage first hand.

Incredible stuff like thermostats installed improperly or cars catching on fire after spending thousands on a major service or alternators belts not being installed correctly not once but twice...

It's crazy to think that supposed factory trained specialists working in a dealership can screw up something as simple as an oil change but it happens.

If anyone would like to know more I can explain further offline. PM me.

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I had an experience with an authorized Ferrari establishment that tried to talk me out of buying a ferrari with knock off wheels because they have been known to come off while driving. How did he know, he admitted that their authorized ferrari mechanics have been guilty of improperly installing them and customers coming back because the wheels came off before they got their car home!
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Ferrari FUBARS

I have had two experiences with my two Ferrari's.

My F355 Spider had a major by an authorized Ferrari dealer in New York before I bought it. At the time the car only had 5300 miles. When I bought it in September 2005 it was virtually a "new" car. It ran great after new tires, and , of course, with winter coming, I really didn't have many miles on it when I went to the Spring Thaw in Reston. On the way home, at speed , on the 495 bridge between MD and VA, I lost power to the wheels. To make a long story short, it turns out that the bolts to the CV joint came loose and disappeared, making the tranny spin free without connection to the driveshafts. It was repaired by the local authorized dealer, who stated that most likely the bolts were not torqued well during the Major.

The second experience was with the 360, where at a clutch and oil change, two problems were discovered by Competizione. One, an alternator bolt was absent, and the belts could have been thrown at any time (thank God they weren't). And the second was the discovery of a part of a metal oil filler tube INSIDE the engine, from the last service at the local authorized Ferrari dealer. The oil was also overfilled, which can also cause problems.
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This sort of reminds me of a thread on f-shat in the Canadian section a while back. Theres a place in Toronto that is now well known for screwing up many a Ferrari. But still some unknowing owners end up there. This guy is a very good talker and could sell icecubes to eskimos. The shop I go to often gets calls from other garages asking them where the battery is on some models or wheres the water pump?
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I was lucky enough to buy my first Ferrari from Forza Service in Oss, Holland. All the Ferrari expertise you'll ever need. Since that first buy I've bought 2 from other places but they're all back with him now. It's a HUGE part of the fun of the ownership experience, to have a mechanic you can trust. I know that Alex won't leave me wanting for anything, and he charges very reasonable rates too. And reciprocally, he knows I always pay my bills quickly and without fuss.

If you're interested in seeing the quality of work he does, then check out my Boxer restoration thread in the Owner's section. Work starts this month, should be finished early 2011.


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Couldn't agree more with these sentiments. That's why I get on a ferry and travel to another country when it comes to servicing time for my beloved....

(and I get the Ferrari serviced in the UK!!)

sorry couldn't resist it....

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