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shifting the F-1 & the new 458

This year I test drove a new 599 with the F-1 trans. After the salesman, driving like he was in the Indy 500 gave me the keys I tried to drive it as if I was going to work in a sane manner. It was like driving with a 10 year old that first learned to drive a stick. Major whip lash at every shift. I love the look of the 599 and at 6’3”and 61 years old can fit in the car just fine, but can not put up with the trans. If it had a real stick, i.e. clutch pedal, I would have bought one on the spot. Getting to my question, I understand that the new California has the same trans that the new 458 will have, so do the California owners out their have any issues with the way this car shifts? I know I should get off my lazy but and test drive the California, but thought I would ask here first. I currently daily drive a 08 GT Speed, very fast nice car, smooth shifts and no problem with it as a daily driver. The issue is that no one can match the looks of a Ferrari and I know that the 599 was offered with a real stick at one time, but I was a bit late on getting my order in. Thanks in advance for any helpful advise.
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Guessing the quick shifts were too much for you?

The stick and F1 are identical transmissions, with the exception of the paddles doing the shifting.

But I understand that using the newer shifting might be a learning curve....not unusual. My first experience went something like that.

I understand the CA [having not driven one] is very smooth, both in manual and auto mode, and just very nice technology, and expecting the 458 not worse, but better.

I'll wait for others...I know a few have driven them.

One other thing to remember: You'll probably not see a stick again in a Ferrari for years to come....current order it towards paddles, dual, dry clutch.
Some of the complaints, and this probably will not concern you as from what I read above, is it doesn't have quite the zing for some...too tame, then again, I read first hand road tests by guys who have 430's as WOW. Traction control and speed/power is nice, and the correct dialing in for mode changes the picture much.

I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for, but only the shifting made you feel, like you were a bit 'off'....guessing.

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You should be able to find a few manual 599 GTBs for sale. Suggest you check Ferrari Market Letter or

The system used in the California and 458 is different from the F1 on the 599/430/612. Having driven a California, it is definitely much smoother.

However it does sound like something was a biot off on the 599, I have driven a few with F1 gearboxes and don't remember them being that rough. Certainly much smoother than a 360 Challenge. Where you lifting off the accelerator when shifting?
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Something is definitely wrong!

Sorry for your bad experience, but something had to be very very wrong for F1 shifting in a 599 to be described as "major whip lash at every shift". I own a 360 F1 and I've drivin several F1 430s and 599s. The standard mode shifting in all these cars is butter smooth, clearly smoother than a slushbox automatic or than anyone can do manually with any consistency. Perhaps the salesman left the car in one of the F1 sport modes and you were modulating the throttle improperly, or perhaps the F1 system was way out of proper adjustment, but it's pretty difficult to make one of these cars shift the way you've described.

If you prefer the manual, fine. But you've obviously not yet experienced the Ferrari F1 system the rest of us are driving. I'd say go back to the dealer and get a proper test drive. Fantastic car so best of luck!

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