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Please help me with a Messerschmitt ME262 A-1a

Guys and girls here on the forum, I need your help.

Trumpeter is a Chinese model manufacturer that produces some of the absolute best model kits I have ever seen in my entire life. I recently bought the Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a Clear Edition 1:32 which is an insanely detailed kit. There are 383 parts, some of which are metal etched, on a plane that's only gonna be 331.5 mm long (about a foot) and 391 mm wide (a foot and 3 or 4 inches). My problem is that I want this kit to be as perfectly painted as is Basoszly possible, but the paint guide really isn't that good. This is where I need your help.

Some 262's survived the war and are now proud museum pieces. If anyone is ever near or at the museums listed below, please please please please please take as much pictures as possible so I have reference material to paint my plane. Since the whole skin of the plane is going to be clear, I particularly need pictures of the inside of the planes. This will probably be far more difficult to achieve, but I'm asking (or begging, whatever is needed) anyway.

By the inside of the plane I mean:

- Machine cannon cabin (front of the plane)
- Front tank assembly
- Cockpit (from all angles. Instrument panel, sides, seat... everything)
- Rear tank assembly
- Engines (especially inside the engine covers)
- Inside of the landing gear bays, including detailed pics of the gear itself

This would be very very very very very helpfull as I want to make this a build to remember

The list of surviving Me 262 A-1a's:

- Me 262A, W.Nr.500071 "White 3", III./JG 7
* Deutsches Museum[40], Munich, Germany.
* This aircraft, flown by Hans Guido Mutke while a pilot of 9. Staffel/JG 7, was confiscated by Swiss authorities on 25 April 1945 after Mutke made an emergency landing in Switzerland due to lack of fuel (80 litres were remaining, 35 litres were usually burnt in one minute).
- Me 262 A-1a
* Luftwaffe Museum, Germany.
* Reconstructed from parts of crashed and uncompleted Me 262.
- Me 262 A-1a W.Nr.501232 "Yellow 5", 3./KG(J)6
* National Museum of the United States Air Force, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio, USA.
- Me 262 A-1a/U3 W.Nr.500453
* Flying Heritage Collection, Arlington, Washington, USA
* Scheduled reopen in Everett, Washington in Summer 2008
* currently under restoration in England.
- Me 262 A-1a W.Nr.500491 "Yellow 7", II./JG 7
* Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, USA.

There are also some other 262's that survive to this day, but those aren't A-1a's, but they still might provide me with sufficient information.

- Me 262 A-2a W.Nr.112372
* RAF Museum Hendon, United Kingdom.
- Me 262 A-2a W.Nr.500200 "Black X 9K+XK", II./KG 51
* Australian War Memorial, Canberra, Australia.
- Me 262 B-1a/U1, W.Nr.110305 "Red 8"
* South African National Museum of Military History, Johannesburg, South Africa.
- Me 262 B-1a, W.Nr.110639 "White 35"
* NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, USA.
- Avia S-92 (Czech built A-1a)
* Aviation Museum Kbely, Prague, Czech Republic.
- Avia CS-92 (Czech built B-1a)
* Aviation Museum Kbely, Prague, Czech Republic.

If anyone ever comes across the "Schwalbe" PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take TONS and TONS of pictures. I'd be forever gratefull.

Thanx in advance, Basosz

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Wow. Those Google banner ads are sharp! First and only time, ad at the bottom of this thread has a bunch of model planes. Not used to seeing that on these pages!

Tony K.

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Originally Posted by Granucci View Post
OK... I've added three pictures.

The first is the box of a similar Trumpeter product of the same plane. Difference with mine is that the hull and the engine nacelles are transparant so you can see the detail inside.

The second and third are scans (sorry about the size) of the build instructions where you can see the parts that are transparant. This transparancy is a choice. The parts are sometimes marked to be painted in the instructions. I choose not to do this.

Parts that are transparent are:

On assembly instruction 14 (the black number in the left corner)


On assembly instruction 15 (the black number in the left corner)


On assembly instruction 34 (the black number in the left corner)

The two halves of the fuselage

This means that the insides (the machine cannon cabin, tanks and cockpit, but also the landing gear bays, and the insides of the flaps and the ailerons) are going to be exposed which means that I have to put in extraordinary detail to make it look real, convincing and just plain good. And that's why I need to be inundated with good quality pictures of those parts.
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