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First real encounter with speed

The weekend started off friday with my birthday, minus getting over a bug it was a nice quite day. However, I didn't get any sleep that night becuase I couldn't take my mind of what I was about to do the next morning (saturday).

My Uncle recently acquired a 2011 E92 M3. This past week He had a "service engine soon" light pop up. He had it read and it turned out to be malfunctioining thermostat. He didn't feel like laying the $979.99 to the dealer for the job so, Him knowing I'm a mechinic working my way up in the field He texted me to see if I could handle the job, I replied with a hesitated yes. This would be the newest/performance oreinted car I've worked on yet....

Luckily I have access to Alldtata at work to look up procedure. I showed up at 10am saturday with my tools in the laundry basket ( sorry mom!) Ready to go.

Do to it being my uncle's garage, I didn't have much to work with than the tools I brought.
I had a few tricks up my sleeve to compensate
1. Remove intake and intake box off all 8 TB's.
2. Remove conectors etc.
3. Remove coolant hoses from thermostat housing, Now this is where I was stumped...I didn't want to make a mess all over the floor and I couldn't fit a coolant drain bucket underneath, so knowing this before hand I brought a plastic bag and zip ties...Your probably thinking what I'm going to do with those 2 things..
Well, I took the garbage bag and stuffed it between the radiator fan and drive belt to form a funnel around the hoses. What do you know, Not a drop of coolant was dropped!

After that is was smooth sailing... Thermostat went back in wothout a hitch and bled the system....

Now, part of my payment was to test drive it...I gave my dad the keys to my focus and we set off for the best coffe across town. Leaving the driveway my uncle said to just lay on it and break them loose. I did, not full wholeheartedly though, TBH, I didnt want to break it at first.

We made a couple of turns and the first thing I notice was with the dual clutch 7 speed you don't carry any momentum when you let off the gas, that definatly took some getting used too.

Before I continue, I never broke 5-10 MPH over the speed limit and I didn't by any means drive like a maniac!...The last thing I wanted was a ticket with my permit! I don't promote street racing.

Now we are about to enter the freeway, My uncle reaches over and presses the "M" button on the wheel. I've always heard top gear talk about how when you hit sport mode you feel the car stiffen, the throttle responce is faster, RPM's are higher etc. I never really believed them, I thought it was just a "wow Factor" But, entering the freeway when the M mode was engaged, It was an imediate and noticable difference, I accelerated quickly onto the freeway, I was speechles by the power...I've never felt that happy before....After that the trip to the coffee house was pretty normal, crusing w/ the sun roof open getting lots of "why is that 16 year old driving that" looks..I tried using the paddles but not too much on the way there.

After having the best Vanilla Latte I've had we ventured out to my house to sight in a bushmaster .50 BMG.

I felt comfortable on the way home with the car, so I decided to give it a bit more power. It's about a 30 minute drive to my house from the coffe house, 15 of which is freeway.

Getting on the freeway again, he tapped the "M" button and I nailed it pretty hard up to 65 mph. Again, left me speechless. But the best part was still to come.. About a mile ahead it opens to 70 mph.. There wasn't anyone in front or behind me for a long ways. So I slowed down to 55 and prepaired to give it the beans. I ask my uncle (now using paddles) how many gears can I drop down? He answered " go down to 3rd", I was crusing in 7th. I didn't believe him...He replied "no, trust me, put it in 3rd and nail it" I did what he said...

Down 1,2,3,4 gears and smashed it. Rpm's at 7.5-8k, by the time I shifted and looked down at my speed it was time to let off.

This is where I can't put what's in my mind down on paper, I can't describe the scream of the s65 v8, the feeling of being smashed into your seat and the pure feeling of power. After I got back down to 70, I was silent, I was shaking. I looked over to my uncle with a face that he must have thought was funny becuase he laughed and asked If that was fun. I replied, "I have to do that again" so I did. Again, I can't describe it. The sound......oh, the sound.
After that I was shaking so much I decided to take it easy the rest of the trip. After we got got home we finished the day off plinking marker flags 400 yards out

M3's are the enterance to permformace power..I can't imagine what a Ferrari is like. It definatly was a wake up call to what I have to look forward too.
If having a girlfriend is half of what the m3 feels like, I can't wait!
I probably have typo's..But I put this together quickly at night.

Hope you enjoyed the read as much as I do!
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People around you are spoiling you !

w/ smiles
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Great story Cutter!!!!

Ferrari - Corsa/Nero 16M Past - 09 F430, 09 Cali
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Well done, Grasshopper.
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Im betting you'll own a M3 one of these days, if not that'll never ever leave you!

Drive Safe & enjoy giving your 1st girlfriend the full rev treatment too! 👍

Yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery, today's a gift.....enjoy every minute!

Current: California 30 Handling Speciale.
Past: FF, 458 Speciale, California 30, 599HGTE, Scuderia Spider 16M, California, F430 Spider
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Originally Posted by Scottish16M View Post
Im betting you'll own a M3 one of these days, if not that'll never ever leave you!

Drive Safe & enjoy giving your 1st girlfriend the full rev treatment too! 👍

I'll wait till I'm married for the rev treatment
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I definitely can see myself in a M3 in the future. I've been keepng my eye on this one-

I could afford it, but I got my first year of running start this fall and I get 50 percent off the MAC truck while in the auto program. I'm kicking around the idea of selling both my cars and get a lump of 7k, buy a cheapo beater and use the other 5-6k for tools. Affectively its 10-12k of tools, which is a very good start.
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Cute story. Reminds me of one occasion when a friend of my parents let me drive his ML55 AMG for a few miles...I was 14 or 15 at the time...and two months ago I drove a GT4 race absolutely blew me away...
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Originally Posted by uberschprung View Post
Hope you enjoyed the read as much as I do!
Great Story Cutter. I would guess that your uncle will be calling you for more mechanical favors in the future now that you have proven you can handle yourself. This may not be your last mad dash in an M3.


Enjoy the journey so much you don't care how long it takes to get there.
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