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End of GM & Ford?

It's been in the news for months about the lost jobs, closed plants for both GM & Ford.

Shareholders want the blood of GM CEO Rick Wagoner, with market capitalisation of GM dropping from 66 to just 15 billion.

So is GM and Ford on the way out, or to paraphrase Mark Twain has news of their death been greatly exaggerated? With IBM selling out their PC side to a Chinese company, and another Chinese company bidding for Unocal 76, can US industry recover? :-?




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Well I don't think there is a future for the U.S. auto industry and guess what they deserve every bit of it. The arrogance in Detroit finally caught up. They can't even give away a Hummer H2.

Toyota is now going after the U.S. automakers last bastion in the industry: pickup trucks. Guess what? Toyota is going to clobber them.

I don't think the selling of IBMs PC division was a big deal. It was a very small part of IBM and not even a money marker. Besides, Lenovo will have a hard time beating Dell which was the cause of IBMs PC division hurting in the first place.

Can the U.S. stay competitive? That is questionable with our current education system and rising cost of higher education.

Just my 2 cents, great topic thought.
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Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Dell, Toyota. etc are successful because they know what they do well, understand what types of companies they are, and focus all their resources behind doing the things they do best even better. Ford and GM have no idea what types of companies they are. They are not focussed nor single minded in there approaches to the marketplace. Ford and GM therefore get their #****# kicked in every segment by a different competitor who does that one thing better. If I ran either, I would be putting together a breakup plan now. Sometimes the parts are worth more than the whole.
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I don't know why GM put so much publicity effort and money towards the Corvette, and to a lesser extent the GTO, for car shows and model development, showing them off in magazines. :-? Regardless of whether they are good cars or not, they don't sell in great numbers and their image doesn't filter down to the regular cars of the GM family. In this respect Ford have got some commercial return for their new Mustang cos it sells in greater no.s than the Vette & GTO combined, and at least there's some chance of getting people to look at their other models while they are having a look at the retro Mustang. Well, that's the theory at any rate. :wink:
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I am a capitalist. If I cannot make steel competively than so be it. I feel the same for anything. Let the public decide the value of the product. If General Motors & the Ford Company cannot make cars which the people want, than so be it. The people deserve the finest at the cheapest price. They will find it. The intelligentsia or the bureaucrats cannot tell the people what to buy at what price.


12 cylinders or walk
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The Japanese manufacturers made, make mostly fuel efficient front drivers and by concentrating on this type of car, which most people want, were able to redesign their main models completely every 3/4 years. Rather than be like GM with something like the F body and keep it around for 10 years before a major redesign. Capitalism indeed to offer something the peeps want. :wink:

Datsun saves you MPGs! 8)

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I jus don't understand the US auto industry practice of changing a model every year! No one else except the US automakers do that. It's such a waste of money to change the tooling, press dies etc every year. Why can't they change?
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The industry got hung up on the idea of annual model changes back when they wanted buyers to rush back soon because of the latest new thing, like a radio with power antenna or reprofiled tailfin. Planned obsolecence, remember the film Tin Men with the aluminum siding salesmen & their Caddies? I bet GM prays at night for a time machine that will take em back to 1962. :green:
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