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Players run 2005 The beginning.

Players Run 2005 Seattle to Vegas.

The beginning.

I got the call from the organizer of the event in February asking me to come and film for them again this year, I was kind of hesitant as last year we had so many problems with our car. My co pilot from last years run got 7 tickets on the first day, so he wasn't up to the task this year. So that meant I had to take one of my cars, but I sold the F car a few weeks before I got the call.
That meant I had to take the Nsx, I went ahead and had all the proper gear fitted to the car that one could want for this type event.
Gps and to know where we are going.
DVD changer................. in case we want to watch a few movies.
Hard drive and I pod.......because I hate to change Cd's.
Valentine protect us from the man.
Laser blind the man.
Radar block the man.
Back up film the man chasing us.
Police hear the man chasing us.
CB hear what the truckers are saying about us.
Clear bra......................because it looks so dam sexy. keep us entertained.
Everything was working perfectly, that was until 1 month before I was going to have the truck ship it to Seattle.
I was driving along on the highway and smoke started pouring out the back of my car, some guy pulled along side of me yelling "your car is on fire" I was like yeah thanks! "no really there are flames shooting out the side of you car"
I pulled over and sure enough the car was on fire, and I had no fire extinguisher. I took off my shirt and tried to put it out but my car was too low to the ground to get to the fire. I am now standing on the side of the road half naked and using my T shirt to send smoke signals to the fire department. Just as I thought all was lost steam started pouring out of the car, the fire had melted the rad house and put it self out. The volunteer Fire Department showed up 20 minn later, just as my car was getting loaded onto the flat bed. There was no way I could get a replacement engine in time for the event, so I called the organizer and gave him the news.
He called me back a few days later and said he wanted my to ride along with a guy that was bringing a Carrera GT, how could I say no to that. One week before the event he called and said the GT was not going to make the start, but it would meet us at one of the check points along the way. I was bummed but I was going either way as I bought my plane tickets all ready.
The next day one of the guys from last years run gave me a call and asked me to ride with him in his 965 Porsche.
I thought to my self perfect.......I couldn't ask for a better person to keep me out of trouble than a lawyer. Thats like having a get out of free jail card.

I flew out on Friday morning to Vegas with a 3 hour layover so I had some time to kill, I decided to hit the strip and find some costumes.
I ended up getting a blow up doll and some wigs and hats, I then went back to the airport and they made me check my bags as I already had one carry on. I thought it would be funny if I blew up the doll and checked the luggage in, the girl at the check in started laughing when I came up holding Chi.(thats what I named her) Your going to have to buy an extra seat for your girl friend she replied.
Thats ok, I just want to check her in as luggage as most of my women have have so much baggage to begin with.
She starts laughing until I put a property tag on the doll, "sorry sir you can't check that" What do you mean, if I cant carry it on then I have to check her in. The guy next to her starts yelling do it. So away Chi went on the conveyor belt and through the x ray scanner.
I then ran to the gate so I could see the guys faces that were loading her on the plane, but I was too late. I arrived at Seattle and went strait to the baggage claim, I waited as almost all the bags came out but no sign of Chi anywhere. Then I heard so people start laughing behind me, and I realized I was at the wrong carousel. There she was rolling around the carousel, but most of the air was out of her.
I claimed my women with pride and started blowing her back up, just then so old lady with blue hair came up to me and called me a pervert. There where a few collage guys there that wanted to take some pics with her, I wanted to take one as well but my camera was in my bag that had not come out yet.
Just as the guys where taking pics, security came up and asked me to put the doll away, the guys started booing as I let the air out of her.

Notice the Las Vegas to Seattle baggage sticker on her waist?

This is the car we took, I am the camera guy with the wig on.

To be countiued............

The best pic ever! lol

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hahahahhahahaha, that sounds like a lot of fun
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