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tired of F1

Ive decided not to watch F1 anymore this year. Although Im partial to Rosberg, Im sick and tired of wondering which Mercedes is going to fail this week. The FIA has all but fucking ruined the sport with all their bullshit rules , green conscience , and over engineered cars. The FIA reminds me of the federal government here on the US, it has all but decimated this country . My part of the problem, is that this year, and Im not sure why, I have let myself become emotionally involved in the championship race between Hamilton and Rosberg, and to see , what will surely be a world champ crowned, not because of his driving, but from the reliability of his car, its a fucking shame. Im sorry for the cursing, but after today, I needed to vent my frustration . I know that later, I might change my mind, but right now, Im really aggravated ..lol I so much wanted to see these two M car pilots go head to head,,I feel cheated.,...
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Flip side - I used to think NBA players were the greatest athletes in the world.

Now the F1 driver - the alert actions of both mind and body to endure the type of pounding they take is out of this world.

Anyway - every F1 fan feels cheated but we all still watch it

The quote below from Ferrari!

"With all due respect, people would prefer to see three more Red Bulls, Ferraris and Mercedes than the other cars" - Ferrari spokesperson
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I wonder if this is a Mercedes team strategy to allow Rosberg paying his due to Hamilton because of his trickery twice... once with the sudden braking to slow down Hamilton and not allowing him to get pole position, and second for driving into Hamilton's backside...

From here onward, it will hopefully be a real race between the two... :-)


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I hear you. I might have to think about changing my username. This is the first year that I have truly felt totally disappointed with F1. My first disappointment was the sound of the cars when I was at the Canadian GP. I love the sound of a great engine and F1 was just special. Listening to them going around different parts of the track was hair raising. This year the support races (minis) sound better. The engineering is impressive but that's about it. Too much to go wrong. Let's see more old school driving with old school F1 race cars and not worry about how much fuel they are using. This is motor racing!! I could go on and on but I'll stop here.
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I honestly believe that the racing this year is truly fantastic, and I know I'm not alone in thinking that. The only thing that needs to be improved is the sound, but I think that will be solved next year.

Ciao Jules

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I can't believe this sh!t. I have started threads that rip F1 and I get a ton of crap rained down on me...at least someone else agrees. I am just not excited about F1 anymore. The cars sound like poop and the racing although improved from previous years is still not fantastic. Ferrari hasn't been in any type of contention for years and it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon. When you have the best driver on the grid and the best he can do is yank the car into fourth place....well, that about says it all.

Maybe when Ferrari gets back into the sport I will too, but until then, and least make the cars sound like F1 and not more like Formula E.

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