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Don't you just hate idiots?

Sometimes I don't understand people....I had a deal set with a guy on Craigslist for me to buy a 91 mustang from Him. We had all the fine details worked out, I drive up to look at it and if I liked it, he would tow it down to our house. I get a text today saying "it's sold, someones picking it up tomorrow" Back to the C-list ads once again! At this rate I'll be married before I have my first car!
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i have been driving over to people's house with cash in hand to pick up the merchandise., with the deal all hammered out 1/2 an hour ago on the phone and they stop taking my calls. Literally on the road 10min from their house. Another guy i agreed to a deal with he asked where can we meet. I suggested somewhere near a major highway. He says no, for that price I have to drive closer to him. I said OK, where do you want to meet? He said the walmart right next to the highway! I said, you just said you wouldn't meet me near the highway? and he never responded again. get used to it.

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Yeah, the deals not set until everything actually changes hands. Good deals always go very fast. To win you need to call the day the ad comes out, only stay on the phone only long enough to get directions, then show up with cash and maybe, just maybe you'll be in time.

New stuff at full price you can get anytime, read reviews, think it over.....used stuff at a good price is available first come first serve so you need to shop knowing what you're looking for and what it's worth to you....and when you see it you need to buy it right then. If its a good price you can always re-sell at a profit for your trouble it if you change your mind, but if you hesitate it's gone and that's that.

Better luck on the next one!
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It doesn't always go that way, not even in the States. There are people out there with a sense for honouring a deal, people who stick to a gentleman's agreement.

Someone in Sparta, NJ, had a fabulous guitar for sale. Only 30 of them made, a collectors item. I sent a message to him that it was a shame the timing was wrong; I was flying to New York two months later. He said "shall I hold it for you?". This was a $4500 guitar and a private sale! He just held the guitar for me, not knowing me from Adam.

I drove from Manhattan to his house two months later and we did the deal. A very special moment for me, and I still treasure the guitar 8 years later.


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The key phrase was "I drive up to look at it and if I liked it," The deal wasn't done. You left yourself an out and if I was selling it I'd go for the sure thing.

Cash talks B.S. walks. When I'm selling something the first person to show up with the cash wins. I've had way too many say they were on thier way and never show up and not call. I might hold an item if they give me a check for a deposit but they don't get the item till they come back with green money.


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I had a nice couple who wanted to rent a house from us. We showed them the house and they said they'd give us a deposit. In the meantime , we continued showing the house. One week later, after a couple of unanswered emails and phone calls, we rented the home to another couple.

He calls two weeks later after coming back from vacation and asks when he can bring his deposit check. I told him in three years, when the house becomes available again.

You snooze, you lose. It's just business.
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