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Canon Cameras

I went to see the Canon camera display today and was quite attracted to the EOS300D c/w 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 zoom lens with a price of RM3,899. Next to it is the Canon PowerShot Pro1 which has a non-changable 7.2-50.8mm 1:2.4-3.5 zoom lens and priced at RM3,800. My confusion is the EOS is 6.3 Megalixels and the PowerShot Pro1 is 8.0 Megapixels.

My question is, is the camera with greater Megapixels the better camera? The PowerShot has limitations of course because the lens is not interchangable so for flexibility the EOS is better but does the difference in the number of pixels make that much difference to the quality of the photo. I know the answer is yes but why doesn't Canon make the EOS series with 8.0 Megapixels.

Then I saw the EOS10D (body only) priced at RM6,200. Now that is the kind of toy I would like. There were a host of Canon lenses that were going with 20% discount, which would be perfect for it. I spent more than 2 hours of my lunch in awe of the display by Canon from camera to video cameras to printers, printer/scanner combo etc.

Perhaps Dirk & other camera buffs here can give some pointers on the Canon cameras.
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I'd go for the EOS every time. Unless you're printing big posters, etc the diff between 6.3Mp and 8Mp isn't likely to be a factor. One day you will be wanting a longer/shorter/faster lens, and only the EOS will handle that. You can even fit the existing EF lenses from the film EOS range & which are very available 2nd hand. Shooting at the 8Mp max res will also use-up your available RAM double-quick. (My 2c worth)
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As far as what is different about 8 megapixels and 6.6 megapixels is this.

For web/computer viewing only: Nothing, nada, no difference.

For printing: lots, the 8 is better.

Why? Well with 8 you have more pixels to print so you can get the image larger while maintaining clarity and sharpness. Computer monitors are set at 72dpi so any 3 mega pixel will work if you never plan to print an image.

Now for the other part. The EOS is nice because it allows the changing of lenses. The PowerShot Pro1 is I think new so it has the larger CCD. Hope this helps.
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That's what I thought as well. The fixed zoom digital is just something that will go out of fashion in a very short time. At least the investment on the lenses will last 'forever'.
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I would go for the one that can change lenses. But if you do that, buy a good one, better now spend a few 100 extra instead of buying a new next year because you want a little bit more after all. Have a good look at what you want to do with it and then go to a camerashop. They will tell you which Camera's are ok for you and from there you can make a decision. Or go to the library and hire a few magazines with tests of the camerarange you want. Then you can see a independent test.
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Re: Canon Cameras

Originally Posted by Stradale

Perhaps Dirk & other camera buffs here can give some pointers on the Canon cameras.
Not really

i preffer Nikon :green:

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Yeah the Pro 1 is a new camera with that 8MP CCD. I was considering it for a short time, but found that there's some sort of glitch with the battery life on it. Apparently the camera will only pick up something like 2-4 hours of life on the battery when there's supposed to be something like 10. It's a solid, advanced point and shoot camera from my point of view.

As the other guys have said, there's quite a few advantages to the EOS. Interchagable lenses provide more I guess mobility. Fully manual operation, so you can choose what kind of shot you're looking for. And plus, being an SLR, it should last and hold up quite well over time and it should't become too dated quickly.

Personally, I considered maybe getting an SLR, but I feel I'm not a good enough of a photographer yet to go for full manual control. So I decided to go with the Olympus C-8080. The only slight problem with it is that again, a fixed lens, so I won't be able to get those great telephoto shots. But the again, the good thing is that with 8MP CCD, this will give more room for editing and what not of the pictures. So as I said, I went with this because I'm not ready for a full manual camera. I'm still quite an amateur phtographer, unlike some of the guys we have here. I can only wait and watch until my photographic skills get that good. But yeah, I'm happy with the purchase because we were able to find it for a pretty good price.

Either way you go, I'm sure you'll be quite happy. Both the Pro1 and the EOS are good options, and I'm sure they will be able to fulfill your needs.
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Not really

i preffer Nikon

I have a whole load of Nikons FM2, FE and stopped at the F3. Still have the bodies and have assortments of fixed lens, macro and a few zoon lens. I stopped the hobby some 10years now and have spend a few thousand Euros. They're in the cupboard somewhere. :lol:

Thought I'd go for the digital I seem to fancy Canons because I just love to see the huge white 300mm and 400mm lens that the F1 photographers use!

Well have to review this again. Maybe with the Nikon I will be able to use my lenses again.

Why do you go for Nikon Dirk?
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