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Jeep vs Hummer (Pete, help me out here)

I was just reading some things on the Hummer. I was always under the impression a Jeep or Rover could go more places due to their being more narrow than the Hummer. I'm talking about the Hummer for the public, not the Humvee the military gets.
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well, the Jeep is smaller, but if there is something in the way for the humvee it will just drive over or through it I guess. I also think it can take harder terrain than the jeep because it has a longer wheelbase and (I think) more traction.
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The main advantage the Hummer has is ground clearence, the axles are designed to apply power to the top of the tire hubs, this lets them put the diferental much higher then a standard axel setup. Then due to the weight of the vehicle add a really big engine...

With a Jeeps axle setup the driver has to be aware of whats in front of them and use more care (skill) to navagate thru, over, under or around whatever your trying to go thru.

And really, there are not that many Hummer owners who will take it offroad and get it dirty,
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I have never ridden in a Hummer so I only have opinions from observing them. They are huge! I can't imagine taking one of those off-road in Maine. We did have a Hummer club that wanted to join us for a ride on our trails and we had to turn them down. The Hummers just plain won't fit on the trails we ride on. The longer wheel base would be a detriment also because it would be easier to get "High Centered". (you get the front tires on one side of the bump, the rear tires on the other side and the skid plate on the top of the bump with the full weight of the vehicle resting on it. With a shorter wheelbase you have a steeper "breakover angle" The Jeep can drive over something the Hummer would straddle and get hung up on). On our trails, we'd be winching Hummers out all day long.

Bob mentioned greater traction; traction is dependent on the surface the tires are on. The Hummer is heavier and has more horsepower than the Jeep so it would have more traction on pavement. In mud, the heavier Hummer will sink further down and what was good traction on the road now helps the tires dig bigger holes. The lighter Jeeps and Rovers will not sink as far so they just need horsepower to keep the tire treads clear, they don't need to drag the body through the mud also.

The Hummers do not have as much suspension travel as the Jeep (I don't know about the Rover) with the Jeep you can put one front tire on a large rock or log and have the other 3 tires still on the ground. With the Hummer, if you were to put one front tire on a large rock or log the suspension is so stiff that the rear tire on the same side would lift off the ground. The Hummer now has 3 tires contacting where the Jeep has 4. Hmmm, Jeep has more traction in this scenario.

There is no "Perfect" 4x4. Different terrain has different needs. I think the wheelbase and suspension of the Hummer would offer the vehicle greater stability at high speeds in a open desert or plains area. In the woods or on the rocks, a smaller, lighter, more manueverable vehicle would be called for. In our club, we never achieve anything close to what would be considered "high speeds". On most of our trails, 15 mph is too fast.

But I believe that more than 75% of all 4X4's purchased never leave the pavement anyway. On the highway, I bet the Hummer is awesome. In the city, the Jeep is quicker, easier to maneuver, has more visibility and is easier to find a parking spot for. The Jeep gets better gas mileage also.

Oh yeah, the Jeep also offers top-down, open-air driving.

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Speaking as a former Hummer driver, the Hummer (H1) is an awesome vehicle. The underbody is fully protected so as to not get anything knocked off or lose. The depth of water which a Hummer can forge would blow your mind. We took one with a snorkel (a pipe running from the air intake to above the roof) into a stream and fully submerged it. We had to stand up and look over the windsheild to not drown ourselves. The Hummer kept rolling and came back up on the other side of the stream. Also, when we were romping through the woods, if a small tree, about 4 inches in diameter or less was in our it wasn't. The side angle which a Hummer can travel will make your butt-checks tighten. The power one has to pull anything you put behind it is fenominal as well. When a Hummer lifts one wheel, the system automatically locks that wheel and sends full power to the 3 wheels which are in conact with the ground. If it lifts 2, power goes to the other 2. If 3 wheels lose grip, the one remaining wheel gets 100% of the power. We played in the mud sooo much just to test that out. Now, this was also a military Hummer. But, the only differences between military issue and civilian are the interior, paint, and (I think) the civilian is a 12 volt system as opposed to the military's 24 volt.

Now, the other coin, the Jeep. Well, it is bad as hell too. The advantages it has over the Hummer include it's shorter wheelbase; therefore making it's turning radius much tighter. Parts are also more readily availiable for customizing one for better off-road performance. The Hummer actually replaced the Jeep in the U.S. military due to it's performance though.

Net effect is they are both very capable off-road vehicles. It's just that Jeep has a more loyal following and people are more willing to take them off road. Plus you can get 4 Jeep's for the price of 1 Hummer H1 or 2 Jeeps for the price of the H2.

Oh and yes Hummer does have a convertible 4 door model.
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I didn't notice that anyone mentioned it so there's a possibility that many people don't know that the original Hummer, the military version, was designed by American Motors/Jeep (AM General Corp.) in the old Kelvinator-Nash building on Plymouth Road in Detroit, down the hall from the people who designed the Jeeps. That was before Chrysler and AMC merged in 1987. AM General was sold to Lockheed about the time Chrysler bought AMC from Renault. I lost track of AM General and Hummer after that and don't know when General Motors got involved. The Off-Road heritage of Jeep and Hummer track back to some of the same engineers.
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Originally Posted by Pete04222
There is no "Perfect" 4x4.
Sure there is. The Lamborghini LM002. Because Lamborghini produces the best cars in the world
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Originally Posted by Basosz
Originally Posted by Pete04222
There is no "Perfect" 4x4.
Sure there is. The Lamborghini LM002. Because Lamborghini produces the best cars in the world
but have you seen that "thing" in real life already? have you seen how ugly it is?
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Originally Posted by Dj Dirk
Originally Posted by Basosz
Originally Posted by Pete04222
There is no "Perfect" 4x4.
Sure there is. The Lamborghini LM002. Because Lamborghini produces the best cars in the world
but have you seen that "thing" in real life already? have you seen how ugly it is?
I've seen a few actually. The first time that I saw one in real life was in Austria, near the Ossiachersee where we came across a cool car museum. An LM002 was parked outside and I just LOVED it. What an amazing vehicle. To me it's not ugly at all. But then again... I also don't like ferrari's that much so my taste is kind of assured to be good :P
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I have a 99' Cherokee 4x4 as a 'winter vehicle', driving it is like driving a dump-truck (bone stock, no options other than the 4wd!) but it is fun and a blast in the dirt and mud

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