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I was on my way to visit a client. The radio was tuned to WMRQ's Dee Snider morning show. The producer who was usually a part of the show came on and said a plane hit the world trade tower. I assumed it was a Cessna sightseeing accident with some Jeff Spicoli wannabe at the controls. I remember thinking " how high do you have to be to NOT see a building approaching?". Over the next few hours the humor of my original thought was so completely overturned. My life was forever changed.

The phrases that pre-existed "remember the Alamo", "remember Pearl Harbor", " where were you when Kennedy was shot?" had a meaning I understood but but no emotion. I learned about them in school but never really wrapped my brain around the personal experience that drove the statement. I envisioned them as battle cries invented by a political leader attempting to gain notoriety. Its different when you experience the gravity yourself.

A moment of silence for our fallen hero's that haven given of themselves that the memories of that day can NEVER be repeated in any country.

This is my catharsis


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thanks for the post.

I, like usual 11 years ago, were a gym rat at 3x/day. I entered that morning at 6:10AM-ish for my first workout session and noticed two guys standing near the front desk looking at the live display of what was to become the first plane hit. As I stood watching rather than checkin the 2nd plane hit and I made the comment "that's no accident, that's intentional". Both guys looked at me and we all went back to watching that huge moment.

I quickly, then, checked in, dressed ran up staris an onto an eliptical trainer where I spent the next two hours gliding and listening while watching the several TVs in front of me.

I remember when it got to near 7AM thinking the Golden Gate bridge would be next but they had 'just' closed down the air traffic.

This is the only live event I saw other than the Bobby Kennedy moment, as always oversease...even for the JFK time.

hearts out to all. It is a moment many remember as I, their first, unreal TV tradgedy.

I honestly still don't understand [seen the NGeo program too] how those structures came down in less that 10 seconds!!! INCLUDING WTC 7 !!

not saying conspiracy, but it is extreemly odd and very, very unreal

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Incredibly tough day of remembrance.

Best wishes to everyone who had taken part in any way of the worst tragedy during my lifetime.
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Its interesting to hear all the conspiracy theories regarding that day. It was a major point of contention for my father who was in the parking lot of the pentagon when flight 77 hit. He described how the plane was taking out light poles as it tipped to adjust it's trajectory. He lost alot a friends and colleagues that day.

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It's a simple process...... it's just complicated by human beings....

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