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ECSofVirginia 09-07-2012 07:15 PM

Clint Crick, Netcore. The Ultimate Fender Covers.
I'm figuring a few of you guys are aware of who Clint is and have seen some stuff about his fender covers. I stumbled upon him a couple months ago when I was doing some online research for nice fender covers here at the shop.

By luck, Clint stopped by the other day and gave me a Demo...and wrote me up an order. WE talked about why I had seen his stuff online, including his Demo at jay Leno's shop...and never placed an order.

My response was, I've never seen a non-factoy molded type fender cover that actually worked. Your product seemed too good to be true..and for the price, I didn't want to take the gamble.

We draped covers over a Diablo, F430 Spyder, 328 GTS and an LP640. They worked exactly a promised and didn't require an engineering degree or roll of duct tape to make it happen.

I placed what I consider to be a good sized order, approx. $1,000 worth of fender covers.

I wanted to start a thread about the product because I got the feeling from Clint that I am not the only one that didn't believe it...until I saw it. Now that I have, I want to brag a little about how great they are and that I'll be using them...and maybe help a couple of you guys that found them interesting but were skeptical a chance to look into the product a bit further.

cribbj 09-08-2012 12:39 AM

Josh, do tell more. They must be pretty good if you bought them; that or you were starstruck by having THE MAN himself visit you. Did you get his autograph? :)

Are they too pricey for individuals? I could use a couple but have been using old microfiber blankets in lieu, which work sorta OK.

ECSofVirginia 09-08-2012 11:01 AM

I'm actually very glad he made the visit, as I thought I wanted to covers...but required proof. The product is great and I was estatic that he was here so we could put them on cars I service and check them out before buying.

I'm also glad I recognized him and the arm full of product...before I got angry and pushed him out the door.

The large covers, which i bought several of to go over TR rear fenders and lambo rear fenders are about $165ea. The medium covers which will work on everything else including covering the nose, in between two big covers was about $125.

The cover features a very slippery surface, which NOTHING sticks it won"t move around. The bottom is lined with a very soft fleece of some sort, that is washable. It's VERY soft and will not scratch the paint by it's self or by grinding dirt particles in.

The top 1ft section includes thick foam padding of some sort to allow a dense layer between you and the fender...without being rigid. The top 1ft section also fatures a pocket in which you can slip a piece of poster board or corrugated plastic for a harder, more impact resistant surface.

To keep the cover attached to the vehicle, there is a thin flap on the upp edge that contains soft magnets for attaching to Steel body work, 2 small flaps with stainless sheet inside to bend and form has wide surface hooks and 2 small loops, one at each end for zip tieing the cover to the car.

These covers literally remind me of putting on a skiing jacket. It's thick and padded, soft on the inside, durable on the outside and the clasps are all engineered to function as security devices.

As in the videos, we attached the covers to the different cars, I slid up and down on them to confirm they stay in place and I also tugged on them to confirm the attachments are secure. I was more concerned I would damage the car trying to pull the covers off, than I was that the covers would ever fall off.

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