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Answer to Capo re iPad

Originally Posted by il Capolino View Post
Are there any iPad owners here who could give a comment on substituting a laptop for an iPad? I am not very knowledgeble on computers (either) but it would seem to me the iPad would be a more reliable choice for me since it is just one solid piece of kit without sensitive features like keybord and other moving parts. Would it still be powerful enough to handle a very large library of very large photographs and editing them? I would be very grateful for your experienced replies.


In short, for most applications the iPad is not a substitute for a laptop or desktop PC. The iPad's primary strength lies in its easy portability, easy being the operative word, and its applications designed around communicating and entertainment on the move.

Even with the largest memory (64GB), to do the kind of photography functions you refer to, the iPad would require peripherals like an external hard drive or CD-ROM for even moderate file storage. And for photography in particular, the iPad is designed around capturing, cataloging, and viewing photos. Not editing.

The iPad is less a “computing” tool and more of a “communication” tool. Although the distinction is only subtly made in Apple’s advertisements, it is an important point for prospective buyers to understand.

Peripherals like mice and keyboards are fairly reliable now and are not usually the items that hinder a laptop's operation. True, they are not convenient to carry around, but there are mitigations for that.
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A million thanks, you have saved me a trip to the Apple store. I owe you one. I will stick to powerful laptops.


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Capo, I cannot give you such expert opinion, but my viewpoint is that such iPad tools would be great for outdoor usage to browse internet and other casual usages. Altho I have not acquired one yet, it has been on my mind for some time now.
Few months ago, the Japanese telecom "Docomo" came out with a smaller version of iPad, called Tab, made by Samsung (palm size, about third to half the size of iPad). It is a phone, camera and just about clone iPad. You can think of it as something similar to Apple's G4, only three times larger and fits in one's palm, also thinner too.

Anyway, for a non-high tech soul like mysef, these are appealing.

Well, at least the iPad is much easy to crush than laptops ! w/ smiles Jimmy

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Personally, I can see how an iPad is useful for travel and "on the go", however it really does not have enough memory or computing power to be a laptop replacement.
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We have been using iPads in both the business and in the house since they first came out (We have 6 in our house). Bottom line is we love them, I would totally recommend them for applications that are delivered via the web (Cloud/SAS). email, collaboration services such as, news, photos/videos... All are amazing on these devices. There is plenty of power and memory, I've never had any performance issues.

The downsides are without doubt compatibility issues with power applications such as word/powerpoint and excel. I use Quick office on the ipad, which is fairly good but is not a real substitute for ms office apps if thats what you really need and you are a power user. If you just want to type emails/letters and the odd document then its good, anything more then that and I'd stick with the laptop.

I use both a macbook air and a ipad.. When I'm sitting in my office writing larger documents or editing photos/videos then I use the mac.. For everything else I use the ipad.. Hope that helps, I'm happy to give you any other feedback you need.

all the best

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