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The bells were ringing loud in Hell

Holy $hite I am not a big AC/DC fan but the boys kicked my a$$ last night for there Black Ice tour WOW!!!!!!

Had to be in my all time 3 best shows I have ever seen. Saw the Stones and Angus and the boys kicked their a$$ royally.

It started with a gigantic video of an out of control train beginning fed coals by Angus soon enough it derails and before you could blink your eyes a huge train comes crashing through the screen sparks, smoke, fire and explosions fill the night sky as it comes to a halt then the deafening sound begins.

I hate to admit it but my City has the largest concentration of mullet wearing good lol boys who love their Old Rock-n-Roll So when Brian Johnson finishes his second song the crowd is ballistic the screams are deafening he has this look on his face like they haven't received this kind of adoration in a while, he looks at the crowd and says in his raspy voice " He he I got you mutha f#ckas HA HA" the the show goes up 10 notches.

The stage was amazing not only with the train but it was always changing including a 40ft Rosie wearing a bikini and tapping her foot to the music, her boobs were like two Zeppelins . There were also no less than 6 giant cannons for the finally, a 40ft riser for Angus doing his 25min guitar solo (he never missed a note) 8 cannons that shot confetti 100ft in the air. But the best was this 10ft by 15ft giant Bell that everyone could see hanging but it was only when Brian has walked out on the catwalk to finish a song that he points back to center stage to reveal the Bell now down to ground level, the crowd looses it. He looks at the crowd with his ever evil grin then starts to run at the bell and just as loud as Bells from Hell it begins.

The rest of the show was non stop hits and non stop action, during black out all you could see is a sea of red blinking devil horns it look so cool.

I witnessed all this just 20 rows back from main stage and next to the catwalk. If you get a chance go see the boys they do not disappoint WOW!!!!!

Alright posting on You tube from my city waaaaaaaaay cool. The Opening band was called The Answer only way to describe them is remeber Led Zepplin in their hayday, the lead singer is Robert Plant I swear lol.
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sounds like a great gig. They played here in Dublin a couple months back. I didn't go but my bro in law brought his wife along (his anniversary present to her). She'd never even heard an AC/DC song in her life and he's a big fan (think Homer's bowling ball present in The Simpsons!!) Anyway, she's a convert now...
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Sounds great Roberto I'm not really a big hard rock fan, but AC/DC are just one of those bands that you have to go and see once in your life. Would have loved to seen Iron Maiden in their prime too.

A few weeks back, Brian Johnson was the star in the car on Top Gear. He said he was 61 yrs old, seems strange to think that 60 yr olds can stick rock with the best of them.

I saw the Stones at Wembley Stadium back in July 1995, and they were awesome too, probably also ranks in my list of top gigs. Others include U2 & REM at Milton Keynes Bowl in June 1985, The Smiths in March 1984 and the Dead Kennedys sometime in 1982. I'm really showing my age now

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What is AC/DC ? [shuffling off in walker....where is Glenn Miller when you need him, or was that Mitch?.....memory goes first]

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