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Hawaii 5-0 02-20-2018 04:37 AM

A/C Motor Housing & Door Frame Surround Trim
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While having my Brake Booster and Master Cylinder worked on, my mechanic found that the A/C Blower Motor Housing was falling apart (with pieces missing from the housing and a gaping hole in it...see photo). He is trying to piece the housing together from all of the pieces that he's foound. Does anyone have or know of a vendor who might have a replacment housing for the A/C Blower unit? So far, I've only tried Superformance and they said that they didn't know of anyone who might carry that particular housing.
The other thing that he found was that the L/S Door Frame Surround Trim is broken at the rear top portion where it has a 90 bend. I do not know if this can be welded and polished or if it has to be replaced. I did find a listing for it on Superformance, however, they emailed me (after I ordered one) that the Door Frame Surround Trim has been on "Long Term Backorder". They do not know if it will ever become available again. Does anyone on this forum know of any vendor who might have this item? Or does anyone know of a manufacturer who could reproduce one in stainless steel (so it doesn't have to be's quite a delicate piece to be chromed)?
These are some of the final pieces I need to finish my Dino. If you're interested, you can see the long journey that I've been on in my previous post "Parts Source For Damage 1972 Dino 246 GT" on this forum. Dino Era: 206, 246 - Ferrari Life It started in June, 2011 and it's almost done. I've receive a ton of help from the people on this forum and I appreciate everything that all of you have done to help me get my Dino back on the road.

iainuk 02-22-2018 10:33 AM

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If your blower is a Smiths unit and not the later SPAL version you can get reproductions of the cover here

Dinoparts sell complete SPAL fans if you need one of those but not the covers only.

Your door trim is not broken as such. It is meant to have that angle as it was made in sections and is just gently crimped into place on the door frame. Here is the same corner section on one of the cars I had restored.

USADino 02-23-2018 05:49 AM

That fan is hidden and not visible at any Concours

Hawaii 5-0 02-23-2018 02:42 PM

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Hi iainuk,

The A/C blower unit in my Dino is not the Smith unit. However, I was able to locate a housing for my A/C blower motor from All Ferrari Parts. I attached a photo of that unit.
Both of my Door Frame Surround Trims were in one piece when they were removed during the repairs and later re-installed after the Dino was painted. I attached some photos of the Trim on the Passenger Side Door (R/S) of the corner that goes down the vertical portion of the frame area. You can see from these macro photos that the trim is not in two sections, but, is in one continuous piece. It's very possible that thewas created from two pieces and welded together to form that very sharp corner. That part is also depicted as being a one piece trim in the various parts catalogues for the 246 Dino. I found a place that can weld the pieces together, however, they would prefer to work on it with the carso they can make sure that the angle of the vertical section is correct so the trim will fit snuglywhen attached to the door frame. I'm still on the hunt for the Door Frame Surround Trim for the L/S door and just maybe I'll get lucky and find a NOS or a used part that's still in good condition or a reproduction piece.

Hawaii 5-0 02-23-2018 02:54 PM

Hi Scott,

I realize that the housing is hidden and not readily visible. Actually, the only reason I found out that it was broken was because the brake booster needed to be removed. However, because of all the missing pieces and the cracks in the housing, a lot of the blower's output was being wasted and not directed into the passenger compartment like the A/C unit should be doing. My mechanic is trying to piece my old A/C blower housing back together, but, I won't know how successful he is until it's done. Luckily, I found a housing at All Ferrari Parts and it will be ready to install if the repairs to the original housing fails.

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