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One year later

We took delivery of our first Ferrari August 1st 2012. One year and 10k miles later I still can't get the smile off my face. Between regular car shows, and joining the FCA and a local car club, Sweet Rides of Central Texas, I have made lot's of new friends and met many more car enthusiasts.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing the look on a kids face when he/she sees the car for the first time. I've come to notice in myself that I often reserve offering a chance to sit in the car to those kids that are most 'respectful', if that makes any sense. One such occasion sticks in my mind. While at a Car Show, very late in the day, a boy about 12 years old came by with his parents. They had the appearance and demeanor of folks of modest means, certainly when compared to others I had met that day. The kid was very interested in the car, very careful around the car and very appreciative of the opportunity to see it. As they were walking away, I asked the father if he would like to take a picture of his son sitting in it. He was beside himself and said "Do you mean it? Do you mean it? Yes! Yes!". While he was taking photos, I saw his eyes tear up and he said "Son, remember this. Appreciate this!".

Through the Sweet Rides car club, I've been able to participate in several car shows and cruises that benefit certain causes. On such event was the Sunshine Kids Cruise to the Capital. In this event, about 50 sports/exotic cars showed up to take about 20 kids with cancer on a 40 mile cruise from San Marcos Texas to the State Capital in Austin. The caravan was a couple miles long and under the constant escort of law enforcement from two cities, two counties and the State Police. It was quite a site seeing Interstate 35 closed down as the caravan passed for this special cruise. The kids got to pick the car they wanted to ride in. My kid was a 16 YO young lady from Georgia. The spirit she and all the other kids with cancer showed really added perspective to our lives. I included a photo of the kids in the State capital below and a link to local news coverage video here:

This past weekend I took the car to a Neighborhood BBQ Benefit. It turns out one of the locals recently discovered he has Stage 4 liver cancer. Not a good prognosis. The BBQ was to help raise money for his care and treatment. My contact in the neighborhood asked me to park the car in the middle of the driveway where the event was held so the kids could see it. After a few minutes I introduced myself to the guy with cancer. I asked him if it was OK that I parked in the middle of the driveway. With a big smile and laugh he said "Of course". He was a 'car guy' and had a '67 Camaro that he had restored and had for 20_ years. I asked him if he had ever ridden in a Ferrari to which he paused and said "No sir". I said "would you like to now?". Let's just say the dude can still move pretty darn fast! Even though it was only a 15 minute ride, he got to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that are part of this great car and I'm pretty sure it will be something he remembers for... a while.

10k miles is way more than I thought I would have at this point. We are fortunate to have some nice twisties in the hill country here in central Texas and I try to enjoy them as much as possible. The local FCA chapter has nice cruises through the hill country (see picture below).

Along the way we have had all the picture takers and interesting comments. I've posted this before, but whenever asked how much it cost I say '4 years of college and 30 years of hard work'. I does get the kid's to thinking! One funny comment came while I was getting gas. A guy with his family in his Ford F250 pulled up and said "I'll trade you my truck, my wife, my two kids and my dog for your car". Well, I already have a truck, and a wonderful wife. I don't want any kids. The dog looked pretty nice, but no deal.

I just wanted to share some of the special times that come along with this special car.
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Joe, great stories all of them and great pics too. Thumbs uppp !

Thanx for sharing. If I were you, I would have asked the father of that boy for a pic behind the wheel too !

w/ smiles

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Originally Posted by Jimmy Chen Shiba DDS View Post
Joe, great stories all of them and great pics too. Thumbs uppp !

Thanx for sharing. If I were you, I would have asked the father of that boy for a pic behind the wheel too !

w/ smiles

+458. great looking car
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Joe- Sounds like a great year and glad the 30 years of hard work paid off for you.

Terry Phillips

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fantastic . congratulations on your car its color contrast is perfect the exterior and the interior! is that rosso mugello? i wish in portugal we had those kinds of events, car shows etc... i wonder how im going to feel after a year of owning my California, but it has been nearly a week and im absolutely in love with it. have fun with it and have many more wonderfull miles!!!


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Congratulations and It's always good doing something for the community and does in need
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Thanks for the stories Joe. Nice pics.


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awesome story, and great pics. beautiful 458!

I hope to one day own one too!

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Great story & Pics!

I too use, 4 years of college, but 40 years of hard work!

Enjoy your next year and 10,000 miles!
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10k miles in a year - impressive! Well done and glad you enjoy her so much.


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Sounds like a happy ownership, congrats!


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Thanks for the kind words. Added another 250 miles this past Saturday as part of a 100+ car cruise here in central Texas. Our route took us east of Austin, so it was pretty flat with some nice open and winding country roads. Our destination was the Old Coupland Inn for some great Texas BBQ.
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