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johns930 05-09-2012 08:11 PM

spider impressions and first shoot...
first off, the crema interior got dirty before it left the showroom floor.

second, the spider definitely is less stiff and has cowl shake over my italia, i noticed that taking the first turn over slightly less smooth surfaces.
Pretty surprised actually, i thought over the years, torsion stiffness would have greatly improved over the last rental mustang convertible i drove some 20 years ago, but no. Cowl shake is there, atleast compared to my super stiff Italia.
Then, i noticed certain interior screen displays, control scripts, and knobs were changed or improved over the italia. Interior space is smaller due to less space in the back so u cant recline the already thinner racing seats like i used to in the italia. but for some reason headroom with top up is more generous than the italia.

BUT OH MY F#$%^&kING GOD, i never knew how awesome a 458 is with the top chopped off!!! Its mainly the sensations, coupled with my not crazy enough interior, it is just plain awesome! Its much easier to tranform than my other only convertible, the CGT, and the spider sights and sounds, its just awesome. period.
The CGT has no cowl shake or anything unstiff about it compared to the spider, it is actually too stiff, but the spider "softness" makes it easier to glide around at super speeds with a "flying" on air feel that makes the italia missing something.
All in all, i believe NOW that ALL ferraris have to be spiders!! Its just undescribable and great!
i didnt give it all when going up my mountain in the wet, but the aperta behind me can never keep up.
its of course less stiff so less confidence inspiring than my italia, but give it some time, i think it can be really fast! but really no point because i feel more than happy just cruising around, especially with my interior that distracts myself from pure racing mode.

however, because i never knew how good a fcar without a top is like, i recommend having both the italia or scud for banzai tracklike drives, and definitely the spider for everything else.
U need TWO versions of the same car!! trust me!!
Life would be pretty much perfect, until they push out a F12 spider!! then i'll be in line again....
now only the yellow ones are mine, and i dont have answers to questions, so please just enjoy the pics from Chang whos just great in low light bad conditions.

champagne612 05-10-2012 01:13 AM

Thanks for sharing - a spider is a whole new world of Ferrari.

johns930 05-10-2012 01:59 AM

yea i had no idea. :thumbsup:
imagine my scud with no top like ur 16M, damn! thats a car i wouldnt mind buying used at all now!


Originally Posted by champagne612 (Post 194725)
Thanks for sharing - a spider is a whole new world of Ferrari.

Fiorano 05-10-2012 07:13 AM

sounds like your are a converted man John.

The spider looks great. Love it in Giallo.

Did you get a matt effect wrap put over the bonnet as part of the stripes addition?

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