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Granucci 12-02-2008 02:56 PM

Mondial T : Misc. Parts
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Ok, don't know where this thread will lead, but decided a general thread regarding Mondial[s] in general and T's in particular with a dash of 348 might be in order.

Object is to just, well, from time to time list little tidbits/nuggets of info. that can be of help.

To start it off, here is one. Gas and Oil Filler caps.

A week ago :freak: I checked my oil in the Mondial T, 'cause I like to fret. [I'm expecting a GCalo reference to musical instruments :) ]

I, went to check the oil again [did I say I can get 'anal', no wait, GC will run with that one, RATHER I can get, er, 'concerned' ] WHEN, I discovered the Oil Cap was missing: :cry3:

Call one of our sponsors Ricambi of course for a replacement. They had, what is essentially a GAS CAP that fits the same open tube of the oil-filler. BTW: That "Ferrari" wording is LASER etched into the cap!!! VERY NICE.

PERFECT and quite a looker.

Here is the deal:

1. The 348, apparently, has two styles of oil caps. A. One with a built in dip stick, which mean you must modify the one Ricambi sends your or B. One that is a cap only.

In 'A' you need to remove the interior, rubber, piece and take off the existing dip stick via the internal nut and thread it into the replaced Oil Cap: HOWEVER< I do not believe these are the same part, so I'm moving on to 'B', which is what I have: Simple screw on cap. My dip stick, even though a 348 engine, has a seperate tube beside the Oil-filler tube. My cap, is a stand alone and therefore, easily replaced.


BTW: I removed the interior rubber as it may deteriorate [doubtful, but don't want to take synthetic oil chances on that rubber piece], and it's good as gold.

Granucci 12-02-2008 04:04 PM

Caps will fit the 456 Too
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MY LUCK: These caps fit my 456 too....
I know about the same part numbe, as they don't truly sell them seperately.

THESE caps have been superceeded: check out new issues.

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