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Granucci 11-25-2008 02:59 PM

Mondial T : Cup holder @ $7
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Well, using the Mondi for a daily driver means leaving my free cup o coffee at the club every morning I commute to work: NEED a cup holder. Sorry, it is not used in hard driving. But on the Sonoma HW, well, there is the usual hay truck or old folk going to Kaiser that one cannot pass BECUASE THERE ARE NO PASSING ZONES {YA' listenin' CALTRANS: GEeesch.....wonder why people get road crazy...ok, calm down....breath....:crazy: ]

So, went to TAP plastics and had them cut a flat, Plexiglass slidder for my tray: BINGO, can hold that cup now.

Don't worry about the cup being snug, as it was just a template and needed to have the bottom cut off, so, too tight showing, but plenty of room there.

Also, The piece fits more snugly into the tray now that I rounded the corners with a file last night. Can slide the thing fwd if needed to act as a cell phone holder.


Bad Dogg 11-26-2008 07:53 AM

Would this also work for a 3.2?

Granucci 11-26-2008 08:06 AM

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Originally Posted by Bad Dogg (Post 80193)
Would this also work for a 3.2?

Don't see why not. Cut out a template from a piece of cardboard. Measure, send me the measurements and bet they are about the same.

BUT, what I've seen done is an insert to the center console box, that folds down and give two cup holders, which are out of sight when the cover is closed.

These came from another site, of a member who made a nice change. Posted here without permission, but credit given [it is the web afterall]

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