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cronin 11-04-2008 06:07 AM

Mondial 8 Paint
I am new to the forum and have an 82 Mondial and i am having trouble finding the correct paint i need to fix one of the metal strips around the window. The paint is in need of touch up in one are and i can only find the newer version of black that ferrari uses for touch up paint. is there any real difference with the Nero that was used in 82 compared with the current Nero Daytona or does anyone know where i can get the older paint colors?

CKRacing 11-20-2008 03:18 PM

Go to a paint supplier, DuPont, Sherwin Williams, etc. They have a device that can match the color. Then buy a quart of the correct color. Buy an aerosol sprayer(it has a small glass screw on canister) for about $4.00. Thin the paint with the correct thinner and touch up the area. If you have an air compressor you can buy a paint gun.
Good Luck

Andrew 11-20-2008 03:41 PM

If I recall correctly there should be a PPG sticker somewhere with the color code. However with age you are better of having someone match it on spot.

Filmjay 11-20-2008 03:47 PM

You will want to contact your local PPG or House of Kolor distributor.

Those are the only automotive finishes I would trust to put on a cherished Ferrari.
A representative can come out to you, see your color, match it, and recreate the correct pigment to include any fade so that it would match correctly.

Of course, it WILL be at a premium cost. But wouldn't doing it right be worth it?

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