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1982 Mondial GOOD Investment or NOT????

I am about to buy a 1982 Ferrari Mondial 2+2 with 32k on it. Is this model considered a "Classic" and keep it's value ($22,000-$40,000 depending on condition) or will it depreciate. I am a first time Ferrari buyer and ready to join the club, any and all help would be greatly welcomed. I basically just want to know if i will lose money if i have to sell it in a year or two.
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Ferrari markets have a logic all there own so it is hard to say with any degree of certanity. In general a 1982 Mondial is fully depreciated and should at least hold its value. Price will fluctuate a bit with supply and demand. In terms of appreciation, very unlikely in the short to medium term. Suggest you take a look at the Market Price Guides on Ferrari Market Letter. It will show price movements on all models for the last 2 years. Good luck.
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There is no "Depreciation" on an '82 Mondial. The price is purely driven by the market. If the car is in great condition and the maintenance records are in order, you should not "lose" money on the car. There's a guy named Dane lurking around this board that had to sell his Mondial within 2 years and I believe he did OK on the deal. He treated his car with all the attention it deserved and the buyer definately got a great car worth the price.

I think price is pretty much driven by the buyer, not the seller. You'd need to find someone who wants that exact car to command the best price. So I think it is a relation between price and time. If you want a high price be prepared to wait. You see high prices on Ferraris and you think, "Wow. Those things sure go for a lot of money!" But then you realize that that particular car has been for sale for over a year.

The value on my car seems to fluctuate between $25k and $35k. Right now I don't want to sell it so it is worth $35k if someone wants to buy it. If I wanted to sell it but didn't need to sell it, I'd probably look at asking around $30k OBO. If I needed to sell it in a hurry - $25k OBO or less depending on circumstances.

Just some ramblings, but I hope it helps. But don't buy a Ferrari as an investment, buy one because you want one!

Capt. Pete
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I would agree with both of the above post. The Mondial will not lose its value but at the same time it isn't likely to go up in value for another 20 years at which point you might begin to see a price increase. The cars that are going to take really big hits in the near term (3 - 7 years) are:

360 Modena
Early 456 GTs
Early 348 TB/TS (bottoming out in 6)

Of course this is all speculation. The 360 is going to get clobbered because they made so many.
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I would add one more to the above list:


which are decreasing rapidly right now. When the replacement model comes out next year, I expect prices will take another hit.

THe model that has really firmed in price is the 328. Late 328's are now going for a premium vs early 348's.
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Hi !
so I am owner of a Mondial 8 QuattroValvole from 1985 Cab. and during the last 10 years here in europe my car went from let's say 28000 euros to 33000euros (this is the price someone propose me and it is the one of the expertise but I am not considering our separation...). The reason is that I drive it rarelly (but with a lot of pleasure) and that the car is only 30000km in perfect shape and without any damages.
If it is your first I think it is a nice one since the engine screeming is there with quite reasonnable power and everything for enjoying riding it. Nevertheless, don't buy it in the perspective of getting all your money back because you will have to take care of it and this is clearly more expensive than classical cars...
Ciao and hope for you that you will get all the pleasure that comes with such cars and forget about the price soon...
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I had a 1983 Mondial QV with all records up to date ,excellent condition , 44,000 miles with no dents /accidents . I was unable to sell it . I had to trade it on a Mercedes at a Mercedes dealer . I live in a metro area of 400,000 people . A Ferrari might be seen once a year in this area .

The guy who bought it a month later kept it a few years then also tried to sell it . he gave up after 9 months and has decided to keep it . Maybe they sell well in some parts of the country but not in mine .
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Hello¡ I live in Spain, and is a different market, few years ago i was in Belgium, and i was looking a mondial from 1985 with 50.000km, and service book for 15.000E and in that moment was impossible for me, because i have to come back to spain, and in the next week the car was sold, rigth now they are few mondials here for 17.000E from 1982 very near from my home.

Sorry for my english.

Best Regards

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