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Granucci 09-01-2009 09:50 AM

Mondial T : Exterior Door Handle
I am having probs. as of yesterday on the exterior door handle not doing its job. It moves etc. but cannot engage the mechanism to open the door.

I always have the top and window down so I just reach in and open via inner handle.

any insights appreciated.


Granucci 09-08-2009 12:04 PM

BUMP : Solution?
Ok, couldn't stand reaching in and opening the door as it looked 'dorkie' for a Ferrari owner to be doing. So, based on no further embarrassement decided to take tools in hand and get 'er done.

The key was removing the inner door panels, which from the sparse on-line pictures, was a challenge.

I'll enhance what I saw, later, BUT I do NOT know the true arangement of the inner door lock mechanism as the pics, and my solution were, well, just that: My solution from lack of pics = works.

When, if I get better pics, will post here.

Removing the door panels.

1. Recommend you Roll up the window on the door to be worked. You won't be able to get into anything if you don't.

2. Recommend after #1, to disconnect the fuses to the doors lights. Not as a shock hazzard, but as a means to not overly burn those bulbs and keep the battery in order: I know, as I drained my battery in that two hour ordeal...most will do it faster after this article.

3. See my pic of basic tools. Recommend you have a flex screwdriver, you know the one where you can bend the tip. There are some very tight, frustrating areas in there. I had some bent drivers, which were absolutely necessary but really needed a flex shaft cheap one, proved its value of you get what you pay for.

4. Pliers were handy but not really needed. Magnetic bowl = $1/bowl from Harbor Freight is a very nice thing to have on hand: Spring for that alone will save you much in terms of finding pieces....truly only cost a buck on sale. Gloves optional, but found them nice when trying to manipulate small pieces: Rubber = good. FLASHLIGHTS a must, expecially if they have magnetic or thin head you can flex in there. I had magnetic pens, for reaching into tight areas, but not needed even by this poor DIYer.

5. Take out middle/center panel rear mounting screw: It holds the end portion of the panel to the rear of the door jam.

6. Remove [took me awhile to find this one] beauty bezel on the Door handle, by sliding the bezel rearward about 1/2 inch. When that piece is removed, you can slide the entire middle panel back which releases the front, and the two rear, locking 'pegs'. See circled diagrams of the bezel, and then the two middle thongs/pegs that hold the panel into to door frame. Once 'off' you need to remove the electrical controls to the BMW Evo side mirror toggle control box: Yes, it is a BMW part, which is a good thing, as horsies tend to add value added tax :furious:. [PS< all the console switches are standard BOSCH, BMW/Porsche jobs, so don't buy the Ferrari won't get dinged at the concorse, they'll never check. Keep the old ones in a box for the future owner/history when the car moves along, IF it does.]

7. I removed the remaining panels, too, as the top just bacially 'unsnaps' upwards when its bottom four screws are removed. I did this as needed to fix the latch, lock and window part. The door lock, solenoid is at the bottom, rear of the door, so you'll need to take the bottom panel off to get there. Locking requires the top panel off. Middle is needed off to access the other panels to be off....what a web.

8. I removed the bottom panel, as needed by me to access all the door mechanism: I didn't know what to look for in the repair, and luckily found the key lock mechanism about the bottom, inner door frame scattered about. :(

9. The plastic, water screen sits between the inner panels and the window glass. It keeps water from affecting the panels and electrical. You can easlily remove this and reglue it. Replacing with any stiff sheeting is ok...nothing special here, you'll see.

10. Interestingly enough, the top, panel is fiberglass convered in Alcantra 'leather'. The bottom and middle are all leather covered Almn. The door's front, carpet area is NOT needing removal...leave in situ.
Bottom panel has three top screws, and three bottom small wood like screws like you find on the door jam framed leather pieces.

that is about it. The problem is make sure to reverse the order. So, it goes like this.

IF Top taken off, that goes on first. Window up makes the seating that much easier. You'll need to 'bang' a bit on the window, sill, area to reseat it properly.
Next, the Bottom, as the middle covers all the other screw positions of the top and bottom panel.

The middle is tough. As the other panels must already be on and screwed in place.
a. First slide the front of the middle panel into position fwd as much as possible.
b. THEN connect the electrical block to the Mirror switch.
c. Take the sides of the panel, middle to rear parts and move back about 1/2 inch, as you need to seat, and this is challenging, the two, middle 'pegs' into their seats. Do this by pushing the pegs into the door frame while at the same time, sliding the entire panel fwd. Once done, THEN slide in the beauty bezel. Screw in rear panel screw and that's it.

The bottom panel when you have it off, will show a bungee cord used to make the bottom pocket tight. Crude, but effective. You can replace or tighten that bungee if desired.

Lastly, plug in the fuse, and check all out....if not working porperly, go back to #1 :D ;]

pics to follow.

Granucci 09-08-2009 12:30 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Middle panel details.

Granucci 09-08-2009 12:41 PM

Bezel and stuff
3 Attachment(s)
bezel not easy to see. and what tools I needed minus the flashlight.

Last pic clearly shows it is BMW

Granucci 09-08-2009 12:50 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Innder door frame.

Note the circled areas.

Granucci 09-08-2009 12:57 PM

Door lock problem
2 Attachment(s)
My window would raise then hit the lock, peg causing a 'kathunk'. Finally, it caused my exterior door handle to fail. ???

Removing panels to get to inners showed me the exterior key lock area had become unscrewed and was lodging the window against the exterior door handle so tightly that it had no novement.

All I needed to do, was reattach the lock mechanism, letting the lever work normally. Window did fine, door handles work for both sides, and the lock, well, don't know.

I never lock my doors, and don't care. I don't also want to chance it coming apart right now, as I do not know via on-line diagrams what it is supposed to look like. Guess I can remove the passenger's side and see, but, what the was Labor Day, and I was already doing too much labor .... :D

posted for some insight to the T's doors. Anyone needing more, detailed, pics, will need to PM me as they are too large to post.

Granucci 09-08-2009 01:00 PM

near last
2 Attachment(s)
I have the toggle, BMW part shown a bit more. I took off the toggle piece because I didn't know it could be left in place: Drawings didn't show that easily.

BUT during the process, noted it had a broken inner plastic piced helping to seat the spring squarely on the toggle shaft: it needs re-mfgring/ which I'll do at our local TAP Plastics place...a home away from home, love TAP it for stuff....

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