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Granucci 07-17-2009 11:32 AM

Mondial T : Leather Dying
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Economical Leather Freshining
While waiting for some 'modifications' to my [dragging on] Tonneau Top Project, I decided that I couldn't stand looking at the leather looking overly worn, as it is a daily driver of sorts and these last couple years has taken its toll on the baby.

I wanted to just do total rework of the interior seats, and some other areas, but can't seem to spring into it with the economy going south and me trying to juggle a few homes, not selling. Blank leather sets run about $5k for front and back and would need installing, but my leather guy would do the entire job for under $5k....then again..that money thing and it is a 'bling' item of sorts when agents are having a hard go of it.

All that aside.

I decided to just have it freshened. 'Dave the leather guy', in his 60's, and been doing leather work for about 30 years now, was a nice alternative. I had him do some extras which raised the price up to $400.

This is NOT permanent, but good for 2, maybe, 3 years....

He filled in the cracks, the scratches, the jean worn seats, and then colored it.

Below are the before and after pics...quite dramatic....

I have a 'new' car is getting new shoes as I type...should be ready in about another hour.

Got a new metal shift ball from RICAMBI, [ thanks Dave, got here in time ], which I installed this morning.

Next on the agenda in a couple weeks, couldn’t pull it off in too short a notice, Metal pedals and repaint of black areas….then again, it’ll be needing that 30k service and RIFLEDRIVER is the only one to touch that…Hmmmm, that economy.

ALL is good to go for this weekend's car show, we are taking both Ferraris...lots of great old metal will be showing up from a Stanley Steamer, to some one-of-a-kinds, including, we hope again, a $500k 50 Peterbuilt semi in Pearl Yellow....
Belongs to a local winery and is AWSOME.

One of the member is a paraplegic so, we’ll see some of his high end custom rods with hand controls...very nice.

Anyway, I hope you’ll find that on a ‘shoestring’ you can have a new car again, and just, feel, great.


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