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  1. Hello, I am new to the Ferrari world and I inherited an 80 308 GTSi and its been sitting for 28 yrs. I don't just want to started it up since its been sitting for so long I have been told to drain the old fluids and ad new fluids then started it. Any pointers from the pros on here is much...
  2. Hi, My 2005 F430 have an issue. This morning when I started my car waited for 5min to let the engine warm up, after that I switch to gear 1 and release the brake the engine shut off immediately, no any warning light on the dash and multi function display. I turn off the key and waited for...
  3. Pre '69: 212, 250, 275, 330, 365
    I will take the opportunity to post the first thread in the Vintage section with a photo of my car at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance where it was awarded the 1st in Class M-2 (Competition Ferraris) and earned the Enzo Ferrari Trophy for the Best Ferrari in the field. After eight...
  4. Modern V12s: 456, 550, 575, 599, 612, 812
    Hi, First post, so please don't bite. I have been searching the archives for answers, with no result so far. I am possibly in the market for a 550 and I am interested to know where or if it is possible to reduce weight effectively with reversible and clean mods. For example, the full...
  5. For sale Ferrari steering wheel cover. New condition. Fits many models. $75 free shipping. [email protected]
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