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Modern V8s: 360, F430

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  1. F430 Gauge Cluster Safe Removal?

    Modern V8s: 360, F430
    I am in the process of replacing the tach face on my 430. I have the gauge cluster ready to be removed for the delicate work to be performed on my kitchen table but these two inner connectors refuse to come out. The outer two were (relatively) easy to unplug. Not to the inner two. My grip...
  2. Looking at buying a Manual Ferrari 360

    Ferrari Pre-Purchase Help
    Hello, I’m new to the forums, I’m looking at buying a Ferrari 360 or possible a 355. But I have found a 360 where my 2nd house is located down in Florida. Well it’s everything I could ever ask for it’s a 1999 ferrari 360 coupe manual with 42k miles. I asked some questions and asked some similar...
  3. F430 Important E-DIFF information

    Modern V8s: 360, F430
    We recently had a very interesting case with a F430 I wanted to share here. The owner of a F430 installed our Smart eMT F1 Relay ECU Advanced Version and had very often a warning code 7 what means that the F1 pump was cycling too often. Unfortunately, this owner ignored this warning and his F1...
  4. 550 & 575 Owners List

    Modern V12s: 456, 550, 575, 599, 612, 812
    Thought it would be a good idea to make a list of 550/575 owners on Ferrarilife Please post up a picture of your 550/575 and some info about it. It's up to you what info you want to provide but an example would be: Example: Model: 550 Year: 1998 Country: Belgium Steering: LHD Chassis...
  5. Rele and fuse cover for 250GT

    Pre '69: 212, 250, 275, 330, 365
    Hello! i own a 1960 GT Cabriolet II series that has been in my family ever since it came out from Maranello. I’ve tried to find the cover of the fuses but unfortunately I haven’t succeeded on it.... After seeing these images, I figured I can maybe have it made if I manage to get the...