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BertoneLocated in Turin and still working today they did two one offs based on the 250 GT SWB
BoanoDesigns for a number of 250 GTs and a variation of the 410 Superamerica
DrogoDrogo primarily did rebodies and these rebodies were often moved to other cars in replacement of the original bodies.
GhiaDid early work on road cars such as the 212 Inter.
Ghia AigleCoachwork for two 212 road cars as well as work for Alfa Romeo.
PininfarinaFormerly know as Pinin Farina has been the design firm for the majority of Ferraris.
ScagliettiNumber two behind Pininfarina, Scaglietti designed a large number of the models in the late 50 through the 60s.
VignaleBuilder of many early road and competition Ferraris.
ZagatoWhile Zagato and Ferrari had a close relationship Zagato only designed one offs